REMEMBER ME? | life update/where have i been?

why, hello, it's me... 

it's been almost exactly a full year since my last post. let me just say - i have missed you. life happened and got a little hectic that i had to put blogging on the back-burner. i ended up getting a promotion at the job i've been at for seven years, which was a nice experience and i'm grateful for it. i learned a lot about myself, and had to grow up a bit. unfortunately, it had to end- and i was not quite ready to let go of it yet, but alas- thats LIFE. it did push me to apply for school again, which i have to appreciate - time for life to move on and start an actual career. 

my passion for makeup and fashion never left me though - which is why i loved blogging so much, it gave me an outlet to express my interests without any reservations. that's mostly because all of us are here for that same reason and we all support each others addictions (hehe). i had only been posting to instagram which i think i was overdoing the selfie's and no one really understands the excitement of trying out new makeup and wanting to shout it to the world. therefore i made a separate IG account just for this reason. @makeupwithdelanie (if any of you were interested - give me a follow). 

i am tremendously looking forward to giving this blog some more attention and get back to what i love doing and expressing these interests for as long as you guys are willing to read! i will be giving this page layout a bit of a revamp too.. considering some of my tastes have changed. i feel giddy typing this out, i always felt this was some type of lifestyle journal. 

on that note - i'm so excited to be back. you'll be seeing me soon. xo

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