WHAT HAVE I BEEN UP TO? | london 2014

hello everyone! 

July was an incredibly busy month for me, as I turned 21, worked full time hours, and still tried to find time to pack and get sorted for a trip that I had been planning for over 2 years. As I have stated before.... I went on my trip to London, England. It was amazing. Is it possible to completely fall in love with a place ? as soon as I stepped foot on to British soil, I never wanted to leave. Let me just say that 11 days is not nearly enough time. 

There are so many places and things that I didn't get the chance to see, but I know that without a doubt, I will be back (hopefully next summer with family). We just stayed in London, but I would have liked to travel to Brighton and the countryside. 
For those of you who call the U.K home, I absolutely envy you. You can't get tired of seeing the buildings, everything has so much character. UGH! I miss it so much! 

anyways, I won't make this a long post, but all in all, I love London with all my heart. I'm so looking forward to the day that I get to go back and see this beautiful place again. Honestly, I could probably live there....... ? (another topic, for another time.) I was so proud of being able to travel on a plane by myself, and actually making my life-long dream come true! The whole trip was so completely out of my comfort zone, but it made me a better, more independent person from it. i wouldn't change this experience for the world, I am truly so fortunate! 

love you all. CHEERS. 

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