hello old friends! 

well i've been working hard updating my blog, so that i can get back into the swing of things on here. i miss blogging, and now i feel like i actually have the time to do it. and plus- i've been trying out so many new beauty products that need to be on a platform like this - cause lord knows my family/friends are sick of hearing me talk about it. SOZ. not. 

i also have been working on my separate baking blog. LanieCakes . i would essentially like that to be apart of my business. considering i bake on the side. which is what brings me to this blogs NAME CHANGE. 

since i wanted to keep my baking blog separate from this one- i decided to change the name to make it a little less confusing (for myself-and others). so from now on this one is called LanieLikes while my baking blog is LanieCakes. at least until i find a blog name i like better for this beauty/lifestyle blog. (if there are any suggestions please feel free to leave them in the comment section). 

as far as the layout/template is concerned- i like simplicity. so for now- i feel like it is almost where i'd like it to be for now. i know sometimes you have to invest in your blog for success - but for now- this will have to do, until i get into the routine of beauty blogging again. 

that pretty much sums things up.... so thanks for stopping by----- and i look forward to seeing you soon. 

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