AFFORDABLE MAKEUP BRUSHES | sonia kashuk "make a face" brush set

Sonia Kashuk "make a face" brush set - $21.00 target stores

hey guys! i have been on the hunt for a good quality makeup brush set that doesn't "break the bank". every website i have looked at the brushes look amazing, but the price is -in my opinion- ridiculous. i may have found the perfect face set, and since i'm so kind, i'll share it with you all. (haha). 

i was in Target last week picking up some last minute travel essentials, when i strolled past the Sonia Kashuk display. first; let me just say how amazing quality i think Sonia Kashuk is already. the brand is one of the higher end drugstore makeup brands. The products are incredible for the price. anyways, i was having a look at her individual brushes because i had wanted to pick up a good dense buffing brush, but it was $10 (even though that is an AMAZING price for a makeup brush, i am on a budget). i gazed a little bit higher in the display and caught sight of this kit of 4 face powder brushes for $21.00. such a great bargain. the kit includes: 
  • flat top sculpting brush (ideal for contouring)
  • duo fiber multi purpose brush (ideal for highlighting)
  • synthetic multi purpose flat top brush (ideal for blush)
  • dense blush/powder brush (ideal for bronzer/face powder)
the main brushes that made me buy these were the contouring brush (it reminds me of the Nars Ita brush) so it would be perfect for carving out my non-existant cheek bones, and the synthetic multi purpose flat top brush, which i'm going to use for buffing in my foundation. the brushes are so soft and feel like such great quality. i love the floral design on the handle as well as the rose gold ends. they look like luxurious brushes, without the luxurious price tag. good on ya Sonia Kashuk!

synthetic multi-purpose flat top brush

dense blush/powder brush

flat top sculpting brush

duo fibre multi-purpose blush brush

i am in absolute love with these brushes. what makeup brushes would you guys recommend? P.S. please ignore my hideous nails.... i thought it would be a good idea to do acrylic nails myself. 



  1. Oh wow! I must tell my makeup queen friend about these, she has been wanting this set for a while now. Great review!


    1. thanks so much! I definitely recommend these, I've been using them everyday, they're such great quality! x

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