hello guys. 

yesterday i did some shopping........... which is never a good sign. my poor bank account really suffered. as i have told you guys, i am traveling to London very VERY soon, so i have been trying to find some basic pieces of clothing that would be suitable. you'll soon see a very common theme of black and white everything.. but i love how classic black and white is. 

stripe dress $39.00 - smart set

I had wanted to find a simple summer dress for the days that i want it to look like i put some effort in, when in reality i just threw on a dress. keeping it easy. i have been really into pin stripes/stripes lately, and this dress is really flattering. 

high neck black and white top - $7.49 smart set

this top may not look like anything spectacular, but when i put it on it looked so chic. i don't own anything like this, and the material is a bit thicker, but not too heavy. i have to say that it is very comfortable. 

pj set $23.80 forever 21

i was in desperate need of pajamas, usually i just throw on a baggy t-shirt and some shorts to bed. but i thought these were pretty adorable and i'd feel lavish with them on, haha! i love them. 

black gold & blue gem statement necklace $15.00 - smart set
 black blue and silver chain statement necklace $6.99 - smart set

i was in need of some jewelry as well. as soon as i saw these i grabbed them without thinking twice. i love the way they look, and i can't believe they were so cheap. i didn't own any statement necklaces, so i'm so happy to have these in my collection! 

talk to you soon guys! xo


  1. I adore those statement necklaces, I live in London and I know you'll love it (weather permitting) :D

    1. thank-you! i'm so excited to go to London, i'm prepared for the rain! x

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    1. thank-you so much! i'll have a look at your blog. xo