hello my dears. i'm really on my game with this back to blogging business aren't i ? woot woot. can you even believe that July is already on Tuesday?! (i'll also be turning 21 on the 1st of july, crazy!) anyways, for the last couple of months i have been really trying to test out new products and stray away from what i'm used to using on the daily. we have quite a bit to get through, so i won't blab on and on. here we go!  

Elizabeth and James "Nirvana" rollerball perfume in 'black' (sample)
regular size rollerball $26.00 at sephora

recently i made a purchase online at Sephora.com, and i had 100 beauty insider points, so i decided to pick out this particular perfume. i desperately wanted to try it, considering everyone and their dog were saying how amazing this scent was. i haven't tried the "white" version yet, but also, i've heard good things. alas, i have been using this every single day. i love this scent, it's a bit sweeter but it does have a bit of musk in there as well. the Sephora website describes it "Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black is an addictive blend of alluring violet, sensual sandalwood, and rich vanilla that strike the perfect balance between masculine and feminine." 
needless to say this is an amazing product, and i HIGHLY recommend it! 

L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in 892- "amber rush" $9.99 

another cult favourite, and for good reason. these eyeshadows are honestly incredible. they are such high quality for a drugstore product, the first time i tried it, my jaw literally dropped to the floor. the pigmentation, guys... oh my god, it is like butter. the Infallible eyeshadow's are basically a pressed pigment, i apply with my index finger and i pack on the colour all over my eyelid. this particular shade is beautiful, and suits so many eye colours and skin tones. i am definitely going to be buying many more of these bad boys. it's rare that i'll fall so deeply in love with an eye product, but it has happened. i've always been a Revlon girl at heart, but L'Oreal has been slowly winning me over with every new launch. 

(this was literally just ONE light swipe of my index finger; like i said the pigmentation is out of this world).

M.A.C mineralize skinfinish in "Stereo Rose" (limited edition) $36.00 

I had previously wrote about this product in a blog post from March in a small M.A.C haul i had done. i never used this skinfinish then because it was still pretty cold and crappy here in Canada. but now that summer has come 'round, i friggen LOVE using this. i have oily skin so i've been using a matte foundation (that i will be speaking about next...) and using this to highlight looks so beautiful and give the perfect natural glow. it shows up more of a coral sheen, which i love for the summer time. i hope they bring this product back soon, so you guys can maybe get your hands on it too. love love love. 

Rimmel "Stay Matte" Liquid Mousse Foundation in shade "103 true ivory". $8.99

i'll start off by saying that i wasn't a HUGE fan of this foundation the first couple times i tried it. as summer came and my skin started to get more on the oily side, this has been a life saver. my skin looks flawless every time i wear this, and my powders/blush/bronzers stick to this foundation so well. i find this best applied with my fingers, because it allows me to warm up the product a bit since it does have a bit of a thick consistency. it doesn't feel heavy on the skin, and sets pretty quickly. on the down side i did have a couple breakouts while using this, but nothing too major. it covers every blemish very well. medium to full coverage. good cheap foundation. 

Cover | FX Mattifying Primer with Anti-acne treatment - $16.00 Sephora

I received this guy in an Ipsy Glam bag a couple months back, and i have been using this product to death. this is the first product from Cover | FX that i have tried. this primer glides on nicely, and it doesn't feel sticky or heavy. I also don't feel like this primer is clogging my pores or is doing more damage than good as i have found with some other makeup primers. it controls my breakouts while i wear makeup for long periods of time (such as at work for 8 hours). it provides the perfect base for the rest of my face makeup, i will definitely be repurchasing this item, since mine is sadly almost gone. what i love most is that it is a whole lot cheaper than my regular Arbonne face primer for $40.00. two thumbs up from me.

lastly, but certainly not least the N.Y.C Liquid Eyeliner for $2.99. (not pictured). i bought this liquid liner on a whim, because i had just run out of my other stuff, and considering the N.Y.C liner was so cheap, why not give it a go? the liner itself is super black and matte (sometimes liquid liner has a sort of sheen to it, which i'm personally not a fan of.) it gives an intense line, the brush could be a bit better, i find it is slightly more difficult to create a perfect wing, then again i don't have the most sturdy hand, but i have been doing the tape trick daily. when i use tape it takes all the hard work away, and you'll get the perfect cat eye. if you guys are in need of a cheap liquid liner, i highly recommend the N.Y.C liquid liner. it a good'un. 

anyways guys, i know this was a bit of a long read, and i apologize. hopefully you didn't fall asleep at your computers. i'll talk to y'all again very soon. i hope you enjoyed my June Favourites, let me know in the comments what your favourites of this month were?! 

much love. 


  1. I have heard such great things about that perfume, it's a shame it's not sold in the UK yet! Amber Rush is a gorgeous colour too.

    Michaela-Leigh xx

    1. that is really too bad! it smells amazing, hopefully it'll be released to you guys soon enough.