MONDAY, MONDAY. | life update

hey guys, long time no see! 

i have recently gotten my inspiration back for blogging, and i'm really really happy about that. i had my time off, and now it's time to get back into the game! 

today has been my first "real" day off in a few weeks, and it has been so relaxing. i'm currently in the process of re-doing my new bedroom, and i'm not sure if i am the only one who finds painting walls one of the greatest joys in life. almost.... therapeutic? anyways, i've been a pretty busy girl. 

i'm officially leaving for London on the 13th of july.... 20 days... can you believe it? i definitely can't. it's one of those things where it is SO surreal to think that i am actually going on my dream trip after so many years of annoying the hell out of everyone saying how much i'd love to visit London one day. it's happening... and i'm shit scared to be honest. i have to fly alone from Minneapolis to London, and that will be a first for flying alone. i know that i will be 100% fine, but my mind keeps making up ridiculous scenarios of the plane crashing, and great white sharks circling ready to kill. ha....ha....ha..... :/ 

it actually feels like this particular trip is the real beginning of my life. that maybe there will be many other opportunities after this. god, i hope so. to be fair, this is basically the biggest thing i'll ever do/have done thus far in my life, and being as shy as i am, it's basically a shock for everyone that i'm going on this big "11 day adventure" across the pond. i know i need to be more independent, and this is a step in the right direction (i think, anyways). 

i'm really happy about where i am right now, and where life is going. i am excited of the fact that blogging is bringing me joy again. plus i have been loving SO many products lately, that i just HAVE to share them with you all ! 

if you guys have any recommendations of places to see in London town, please fill free to put your suggestions in the comments, i'd be forever grateful. 

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