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hey lovely-ness-nesses. the award for most neglected blog goes to me! yay.... not. 

I have been in some serious rut for the last couple months, and i have no idea why. my camera has been sitting, un-loved, and un-charged for quite some time, and I have had no inspiration or drive what-so-ever to get back to blogging. I hate that, because i absolutely love blogging, and the community that comes along with it. you guys are all so amazing, and i still read your posts daily. 

here in Canada, spring is still nowhere to be found. It is unbelievably depressing, therefore I blame that for lack of energy for blogging. this girl needs some sunshine in her life. all i've been wanting to do is sit in the back-yard, coffee/tea in hand, and blogging. enjoying what the fresh-air has to offer. instead it is as grey as mud, raining every other day (you'd think i live in England, ha!) and there are still little splotches of snow around, (can you believe that?) IT'S MAY, DANG IT! enough is enough mother nature, we GET it! 

alas, as much as i'd like to put all the blame on the weather, i have to put some blame on myself. I've worked hard on this blog, and i was beginning to be quite proud of it. i still am, and this is definitely NOT the end of my blogging days. i just have to find a way to get the wheels turning a bit again. 

I have been quite stressed with my trip to England coming up in July, and having to pay for my wisdom teeth (which i was not expecting to have to pay for...damn insurance), my sister moving out, and i moving to her old room. there is just a lot financially going on, and it is stressing me OUT. there is still so much planning to do for this trip.. and booking the flight has proven more complicated than i had anticipated. not to mention the constant struggle of deciding what i want to do with the rest of my life, and what education to take. hopefully this little hurdle will be resolved soon enough, and i can get back to what i love doing. blogging. bear with me, guys! 

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