RECENT PURCHASE #2 | regalrose

hello again ! I know what your thinking.... 'Wow, Delanie. two posts in one day? what happened to you?' .. i know... i know. but i have been trying out and purchasing quite a few new things this month that i've been just DYING to share with you guys. 

I recently have been introduced to the beautiful jewelry at REGALROSE. i first saw it on Sammi from beautycrush's youtube, and thought "oh my lord, i just have to have all of the things". REGALROSE makes handmade jewelry, and everything is just so unique. they have such an assortment of stones and crystals. the first item i purchased was Aysu. Mini Moon Crescent necklace. i have been really into the moon lately, and when i saw this i thought it was just beautiful. it's very simple, and great to wear for everyday. i have the 18" chain, which i find is the perfect length, not too long and not too short. i bought a second one for my sister as well, we generally have the same taste. 

since i loved that first purchase SO much, i wanted to make another one on a ring i had been eyeing for a while. again, with the "moon" theme i found the Adriana. Gold Moon & Star Ring with the rose quartz. i own a lot of gold/brass coloured jewelry so this fit in my collection just fine... but now i desperately want the silver version of this to match the Aysu necklace. again, i was really impressed with this ring when i received it in the mail. it fit perfectly and is extremely comfortable to wear. and i love the rose quartz detail for a little feminine touch. i never thought i could be so in love with a website before, until now. 

REGALROSE has to be my favourite website right now, their jewelry is everything i have been looking for. the quality is there, and the prices are fair (i'm a poet and i didn't even know it). they are a UK based website, but they do have worldwide shipping which is ideal, because i'm canadian. 

*i have purchased each of these items with my own money, i am in no way being sponsored by regalrose or any affiliates* 


  1. Love that necklace, it's so pretty :) x

    1. i'm in love with it, it's so dainty and easy to wear for everyday. x