l'oreal magic-lumi concealer $11.99
l'oreal true match lumi healthy luminous makeup $14.99

hello ! so as you can see, i revamped my blog a little bit. i was inspired by a few of your blogs, i have to say that i adore the simplicity. it allows your posts and photos to be the main focal point. we'll see how long it is until i get bored again. 
 anyways, the other day i was looking for a decent foundation that wasn't heavy. i have been using my Rimmel Wake me Up foundation daily, and i realized that for 1. it was slightly too dark and 2. it works better as a summer foundation (at least in my opinion). i love that foundation, but i needed something a little bit different. 
 i have never tried l'oreal foundation or concealer before, and i kept seeing that "Lumi" face products were becoming bigger on the market. and i have to say that i was intrigued. i love the look of a luminescent complexion, it makes your skin look so radiant and healthy. on the first day i wore this, i received SO many compliments on my complexion. they all literally said "your face looks so luminating". this has to be the first time that i have ever been complimented on a foundation before. even my mother saw my make-up done and said "your skin looks like porcelain". i'm thoroughly impressed with these products. especially on days where you wake up early, this foundation/concealer combination makes you appear more awake. 

 the true match lumi foundation states : "illuminates, unifies and improves the look of skin for a healthy-looking complexion. vitamins C & E" - i have to agree 100%. the formula isn't thick at all, but it still manages to cover imperfections. it has a satin-like finish. my shade is n1-2 neutral. i apply this after moisturizer and a primer with a duo fibre eco tools face brush. it looks flawless and beautiful on the skin. 
& the l'oreal magic-lumi concealer doesn't have a description but it brightens the under eye area amazingly. i originally saw this in one of essiebutton's youtube videos, and she raved about it and how well it works. my shade is 862 Light.

and might i add that the rose gold packaging is SO BEAUTIFUL. they look like high end products, without paying the price. they are more expensive for a drug store brand, but in my opinion, they're worth it. 

thanks for stopping by today, guys! have you tried any "lumi" makeup products? what did you think?


  1. Loved your Regal Rose jewellery post and I have not tried any of these loreal products they look and sound amazing though! x


    1. thank-you so much ! i'm in love with RegalRose now.
      definitely give them a go if you happen to need a new foundation/concealer! x