RECENT PURCHASE | the body shop

Almond Body Butter - $10. Coconut, Mango & Shea Lip Butters $7.50 for 3 pack

hello my lovely loves. 

last night i did a little shopping - by accident - and found myself in The Body Shop right last minute. they have a lot of sales right now for their holiday items and gift sets, so naturally i just had to go and have a look. i immediately saw the holiday 3 pack lip butters for only $7.50, and knowing how much i have enjoyed them in the past, i grabbed them without thinking twice. they came in a cute little Christmas cracker too. let me just say.... the lip butters are incredible. probably better than any lip balm i have tried yet (and i have tried my fair share). they are unbelievably moisturizing and smell like nothing else. i thought they were a great deal aswell. 

also, i noticed a pick $10.00 sign above their body butters. i basically had a sniff of each one, but the Almond was my favourite. IT SMELLS SO GOOD, like amaretto. when i bake i always use Almond extract, and this is bang on. as we all know with winter comes insanely dry skin, and i don't really own any hydrating lotions. i used this last night after i had a shower and was so impressed. my skin is still moisturized today. i'm definitely extremely happy with it. 

don't get me wrong when i say that i do love Bath and Body Works, but i find their lotions to be more perfume then anything else. they don't moisturize my skin really well, and i'd rather pay for something that smells great and does the job. The Body Shop takes the cake on their products. their scent is natural, and they feel really nice. although Bath and Body Works has really good deals, i think i'm going to purchase from The Body Shop from now on. i'm curious about their make-up line, i do own a lipstick from there that i absolutely love, and it's made with all natural products, so it doesn't feel waxy on the lips. all hail The Body Shop... 

have you guys tried The Body Shop's make-up line? what do you think? i'm curious... 


  1. I love Body shop but I am still to try their makeup but heard really good things about it

    Carreanne xx


    1. i'll have to just try them out on a whim. i'm sure their makeup is as amazing as their lotions. x

  2. I absolutely love all of these products, nice picks :) xx