IPSY GLAM BAG | november "glam it up"

hello everyone, it feels great to be back ! i received this months IPSY glam bag in the mail yesterday, and i am so THRILLED about what was inside! it was probably one of their best bags yet. this is great considering last months bag, i wasn't overly impressed with the items. 

inside Novembers glam bag was... 
  • em by Michelle Phan "pillow plush cushiony lipbalm" in creamsicle. FULL SIZE $15.00
  • PIXI beauty bronzer in subtle suntouched. .11 ounces full size comes with kabuki brush $18
  • nailtini nail colour in champagne FULL SIZE $13.00 
  • Starlooks gem eye pencil in topaz FULL SIZE $14.00 
  • be a bombshell cosmetics Lip Crayon in hot damn. FULL SIZE $14.00
  • sample size Tresemme hair spray $1-$2 (not pictured)
this entire bag is valued at approximately $65.00, and the subscription is $12.00 a month. this is ABSOLUTELY insane/amazing. 

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU GUYS LOOK INTO SUBSCRIBING TO IPSY, this bag was just so good. i am so happy i made the choice to switch from glossybox to ipsy. so worth it in the long run. the pigmentation in these products are out of this world and it's going to be so fun creating looks for the holidays with these. especially the starlooks eye pencil, such a beautiful silvery-blue color. i am ESPECIALLY looking forward to the "Nailtini" nail polish, the colour is a rose gold, and i have been lusting over rose gold nail polish for the longest while. i bet it'll look gorgeous on the nails. 

a BIG/HUGE/MASSIVE thumbs way up to Ipsy for giving their subscribers an amaze-balls glam bag this month. 

what did you guys think of the bag?! 



  1. What a fabulous bag of goodies, I wish we had that over here. I love the fact that they haven't stuck to "safe" colours.

    Sharon x
    Beauty, Miscellany

    1. i 100% agree, i love that they take risks with their shades.
      i'm sorry that you can't get Ipsy! but i'm sure there are a lot of other great subscription boxes.

  2. Hooray for a good month of Ipsy! The Nailtini polish looks much prettier in your picture than it does on the website... I'm still waiting on my bag, so I still have no idea which one I'm going to get!

    1. the nailtini nail polish is actually really beautiful. i felt the same way when i first saw it in my "glam room".
      hopefully you're as impressed with the bag as i was! x

  3. Omg, I hope I get the same color of Nailtini polish that you got! I peeked and saw a Nailtini polish in my glam room, but there are two colors available, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for rose gold.

    Améliorer la Vie

  4. really nice blog :)


  5. That lip color is stunning! I'm loving the bright lips for fall this year.

  6. Pillowy Plush Cushiony lip balm is such a funny name. Pretty color though.


  7. The Hot Damn and Starry Looks would make a bold make up look!

    Tina form http://cherriblossoms17.blogspot.com/

  8. Lipbalm by Michelle look pretty cool :D
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