this is my first post in a really, really long time. Since it is December, i figured it would only be appropriate to do a christmas-themed post of some sort. i have been extremely excited for the holidays, so i decided to decorate my room this year. if anyone needed some decorating ideas, then here is how i decorated my bedroom ...... let's get to it ! 

small pinecone artificial christmas tree $9.00 - Superstore, little ball ornaments $6.00 - Superstore, red telephone booth $49.99 - Homesense

as i have posted before, my bedroom is "London" themed, so i already have a lot of red throughout, which was perfect for Christmas decorating. the little tree i picked out from my grocery store had a little red pot to hold it, and little pinecones attached to the branches. it was the cutest little tree i could find, and the perfect size to fit on my dresser. as for the telephone booth... it was one of those impulse buys... but i don't regret it for a second. i'm in love with how it looks. 

"London" snow globe $14.99 - Homesense

another impulse buy... and i bought 2 of these. one had the buildings of parliament/big ben, and this one had the London Eye. I couldn't decide which one i wanted, and plus they each play a Christmas carol when you wind them up - both different. i will most likely use these as book ends after Christmas is over, because they are too beautiful to put away. and can i just say how OBSESSED i am with Homesense?! it is the most amazing place to find goodies like these. i tend to do all of my Christmas shopping there, because they have the best knick-knacks. anyways, i love the way this snow globe looks on my dresser, just so winter-y and beautiful. 

Mr. Fox and Mrs. Fox $17.99 each - Hudson Bay Company

okay... HOW CUTE ARE THESE?! i have been crazy over fox themed items lately, and when i first saw this.. it was literally "love at first sight". My dad actually bought these for me and surprised me with them. it was so sweet,  i have the best dad ever. the Christmas theme i am trying to go for in my room is kind of a "wood-land" type feel. i love home-made looking decor, i think it adds a lot of character to a space. i just tried researching these on the "hudson's bay" website, but i unfortunately couldn't find them. they are by the brand "gluckenstein home". 

Snowflake Fairy Lights $4.99 - IKEA

I picked these up last week at IKEA. I was looking for some regular fairy lights, but they didn't seem to have too much of a selection at that time. but i found these adorable LED lights instead. they had an option of a series of snowflake hanging lights- $24.99 or these single string snowflake lights for $4.99. i opted for the single strand this time. they are battery operated, and you have to the option to switch them on and off as you please. i really like that feature, instead of having to plug/unplug all of the time. they look really pretty in dimmed lighting. it pulls the whole look together.

tartan and white knit pillow $12.99 each - Superstore/Loblaws, London comforter/Pillows - Homesense $80.00, Day bed- IKEA (not in stock anymore). 

as well all know, tartan has made a huge come-back for the holiday season. i wanted to find tartan pillows so badly, but i couldn't seem to find them anywhere, but as soon as the holiday season hit, so did all of the tartan pillows. they had a vast selection of colours/styles. these i will keep on my bed, even when Christmas is over, i really fancy the look of them. they look so home-y, and once again it looks really good with the wood-land christmas theme i have going on. 

silver side table $149.99 - Homesense, "Tis the Season" candle $22.00 - bath and body works

i bought this side table a couple days ago from Homesense, after eyeing it down for the past couple months. i am in the midst of de-cluttering my room as i will be renovating/moving into our basement bedroom... well once my sister moves out of it.... alas, i have big plans. but this table just looks so clean, and opens up the space i have a little bit. obviously, i won't be getting rid of it once christmas goes, but it all adds to the wood-land feel. i love the look of silver with red. it seems to be a bit more of a balanced colour combination, because red is so powerful/dark and silver tones/cools that aspect down. 
obviously, candles are a MUST around the christmas season/any day of the year. one of my favourite scents that Bath and Body Works came out with this year is the "Tis the Season" scent. it's spicey, like apples/cinnamon/christmas trees, ect. it is an amazing winter scent, and is exactly what you'd think Christmas would smell like. 

anyways guys, that is it for my Christmas themed bedroom. i hope you liked what i showed you today. Obviously you guys don't need to go to extremes or spend a lot of money on something like decorating a room. there are a lot of amazing DIY christmas projects you can do to jazz up or room/space. or you don't even have to decorate at all! but i just found some fun in making my room look festive. adding a mini fake christmas tree and some lights can transform your space instantly, and put you right into the holiday spirit. 

i will be posting a lot more Christmas theme-d posts, especially some baking ones for you guys. so keep your eyes peeled! <3 


  1. Delanie,

    The foxes are adorable, and your bedding is marvelous! Beautiful decor :))


  2. These decorations are so cute, I love your tartan pillows too! Great post :)

    Michaela-Leigh xx

  3. Those decorations are adorable, I especially love that red telephone box wow


    1. i'm obsessed with that telephone booth.... oh goodness gracious!
      thank-you so much! xx

  4. What a gorgeous room you have! And those fox decorations are so cute. I think it's about time I dragged the decorations out to make my room a little more festive.
    Spider Leg Lashes xo

    1. thank-you Maya :)
      i really think you should decorate your room aswell! it helps to get into the christmas spirit. x