NEW LOOK UK | fall wants

i was looking through the New Look website and noticed so many things that i am just loving! these few pieces that i put together is usually something that i'd wear on a casual day shopping, or going around the city in fall. i think it's a good mixture of girly and grunge. 
i always purchase clothes online from UK stores. i just think that they are so affordable, and unlike anything i can find in any mall here. i discovered Topshop first, then River Island, and then New Look. i love all of them, and am not quite sure what i'd do without having them in my life! hah. 
  • Minnie Mouse Tank/Vest = 12.99 
  • Grey Knitted Sweater = 24.99 
  • 3 Pack Floral Bow set = 3.99 
  • Soft Black Skinny Jeans = 9.99
  • Black Biker Boots = 29.99
i know i have the three pack bows, but personally i'd only wear the red one pinned at the back of my head. for the last couple years i have been a fan of biker boots, i think they are the cutest to wear with girly patterns and florals. it adds a little bit of an unexpected twist to an outfit. the minnie mouse vest is just so adorable. it's always fun to play in your favourite characters as a kid into your everyday outfits, without it looking too childish. the vest with the jeans and boots/bow would be great for cooler summer days as well, but with the classic grey slouchy sweater, it makes this outfit perfect for fall weather. 
i'll probably consider buying these items once i have the funds for it. but for now i'll just have to "window shop" online. *sigh* 

happy weekend to you guys! xx 


  1. Love people liking UK stores. I love the US! Forever 21!

    llh x


    1. I'm in LOVE with UK stores!!!! I've bought so many amazing items