AUGUST | motivation

hello friends.
this post doesn't necessarily have any sort of purpose, but i'm utterly bored on a friday night (woo), and
just felt the need to write.
i've been feeling out of sorts lately - lack of self confidence, depressed, anxiety - the whole bit.
i'm hoping August will be the start of some positive changes for me. i'm really tired of always feeling inadequate, and just constantly putting myself down. it's about time to get back to being healthy and focusing on me.. i know a lot of you ladies can understand some of these emotions, and so i feel like through this blog i can reach out to other people who get it. that's why i appreciate having this blog so much, because we are all one community, and through make-up/fashion/motivational posts we all inspire each other in different ways. this month i'm planning on fixing my diet habits, and making sure i think positively about life in general. i feel like for the last couple of months i have just been in this never-ending slump, and it is about time things changed. we are our own worst enemies.. i know. and sometimes it's a hard battle with yourself, how can you win ?
August is the month of positive change, and i can feel it! i can't wait to put a great effort into bettering myself.
i know this post has nothing within it to be in the least bit exciting for you guys to read, i just felt like i had to post this just for the sake of posting it. i also think it is important for anyone who reads this to get a feel of who i am, the person behind "laniecakes".

i love each and every-one of you, xx

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