HAPPY SUNDAY | giveaway?!?!?!

happy sunday everyone!! isn't this picture the cutest?! hahah. -thank-you pinterest...- 
anyways, today i have decided that i'd like to do a giveaway soon... but that wont be until i've reached 100 members (GFC) on my blog. right now i have 73 (which is friggen fantastic, and i can't thank-you enough).. but i want to give a little something to show my appreciation! i have no idea what i want to send yet -obviously it will be beauty related- and it will be for anyone to enter! and of course the choice will be at random, so just a heads up for the future. i will post again about this when i get a little bit nearer to 100 with more details, and what the giveaway will be for, and what will apply for it. 

anyways, that's all i have for now. have a good rest of your day ! xx 

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