my last blog post for the day is my 'July Favourites.' where has summer gone?! i feel like i actually haven't done anything yet for summer, or it just started! it's absolutely terrifying, is it not? time flies so fast... 
this month i've found a few new items that i have been loving, and i can't wait to share, so lets get to it!
  • floral hair garlands from Forever 21 
i purchased three of these online from Forever 21 a couple of weeks ago, they are the trend right now so i thought that i might as well fit in (haha). these are actually so adorable on, they look so girly and i wish i had more places to go that i could get away with wearing these. they remind me of "the secret garden" and i just like them. i have seen some that are way too overwhelming, so i just stuck to the one shade flowers instead of the bouquet on your head!

  • Simple brand make-up remover wipes
i have been purchasing a lot of the simple brand products lately. i really do enjoy them, and how they re for sensitive skin. they take all of my make-up off - including waterproof mascara - and i like how they have no added gunk and chemicals to them. they keep it natural and one can appreciate that, considering all of that goes on your face.

  • Chella ivory lace highlighter crayon 
i received this item in an ipsy bag either last month or this month... i think it was the june one. anyways, this is for your waterline to make your eyes POP. i love this so much better than using the white pencil because this is a nude and just gives you the right amount of drama. your eyes look so bright and big with this pencil on. i'm loving it lately.

  • Maybelline Volum' Express One by One waterproof mascara 
i previously reviewed this item in a blog post,  but this is my favourite drug store mascara by far. i am in love with it, it makes your eyelashes long and full without clumps. and for only $5.94, why the heck not?!

  • Fruits and Passion Coconut eau de toilette 
this scent is unbelievable. so perfect for summer, it smells like you're on a  tropical island. i could only afford the travel size at $10.00 but i will go back for the full size soon. it's too good not to. it's a spray not a roll-on, and it fits so perfectly in any purse or wallet even.
  • Bath and Body Works Beautiful Day eau de toilette 
this scent is my favourite for summer. it smells so fresh and fruity, just like the beach. when you spray this you immediately think summer time in the ocean. its a beautiful scent, and i also have this in the full size body spray. again- perfect size for handbags/wallets, it is also a little spray. not roll-on.

  • Rimmel moisture renew lipstick in shades: 700-nude delight 180-vintage pink and 300-rose blush
these are my favourite lip product for summer. i never thought to buy my lipsticks from rimmel, but i just love the formula. they're moisturizing and for some strange reason i like the scent of them too. the shades are beautiful, and they pack just the right amount of pigment and shine. rose blush is my go-to colour as of lately.

  • Maybelline Colour Tattoos in 70-barely branded
i have spoken of my love of the maybelline colour tattoo eyeshadow bases before, but i picked up this new shade and its so pretty. its a peachy cream colour, that is so perfect as a base or as a highlighter under the brow bone. it's natural, and just gorgeous. i use this mostly as a base and then i apply neutral shades of golds/browns. definite favourite of summer because it's light, and most of us like to keep our make-up on the natural side in the warm weather.

these were my July Favourites, and i hope you also are enjoying some of these products or are thinking of picking up a few for yourself. let's hope summer lasts a little longer still! i'm not ready for the cold yet. 



  1. what a lovely post. Looks like you really have made an effort with the photo's :)

    Would love for you to check out my blog, I have a MAC giveaway too if you are interested. Any MAC lipstick of your choice !

    llh x

  2. Ahh, I totally fell in love with the floral hair garlands from Forever 21!!! And definitely want to try the Bath and Body works perfume - it's so adorable and from your description sounds like a perfect scent for summer! P.S. LOVING all your pins on Pinterest as well, Delanie;-)))

    1. thank-you so much!!! you're too kind!
      i hope you will try the B&BW perfumes out, they are lovely.


  3. I love love love the Maybelline Colour Tattoos! That shade looks lovely so I'm definitely going to have to buy that!
    Please check out my fashion & Beauty blog, xx

    1. I know!! By far my favorite eyeshadow! This particular one is a beautiful champagne colour, I'm obsessed! I'll definitely pop by and have a peek at your blog! xx