the other day i finally got my hair cut.... it has literally been two and a half years. i have had this phobia of cutting it because it was so long, and i know how hair dressers function, and when you say 2 INCHES they take off four. so i waited until i just thought, DO IT. it was a spur of the moment decision, which for me are the best kind because theres no turning back. and my mother is also very good and kicking me to do things like that. but i got straight across bangs! it has been YEARS since i had bangs, but i was definitely ready for a change. my hair did nothing for my face shape, and it was dry as all hell because i ombre it so much, and lets face it... bleach is a huge no-no for your mane. but so far i'm loving the fringe and people keep saying that i look like zooey deschanel, which i CANNOT complain about, i love her hair and style.. if only i had her blue eyes though. anyways, back to the point.. when i was at the counter about to pay for the cut, i noticed the wall absolutely full of "s factor" products. and that is the brand that i have heard loads about, and i was curious to try it out. my hairdresser recommended the body booster spray to volumize my hair. frick is this stuff expensive though! $27.99 for the 200 ml bottle. a $35.00 haircut quickly turned into a $70 hair cut... ouch. the only thing thats distracting me from the price is the scent of this spray.. HOLY CRAP! it smells incredible... incredible is almost an understatement. the only thing i could compare the scent to is slurpees from 7-11 (if you live in north america you'll easily understand). or otherwise, it smells like candy. but the best candy in the world. i'll even admit that i tasted it.. not proud of that.. but it literally smelt so good i was like "how can it not taste just as nice?" wrong. it tastes terrible, never try it.. not that you ever would.. but i'm a dumby.
the description on the bottle reads, "gives soft, moveable body and adds lift to your roots." it does just that. i'm basically pretty happy with it thus far. i just wish that it was a cheaper product. i'm literally drooling at  the thought of what the shampoo/conditioner would smell like.. oh ma gawd. i'm not sure if i'll purchase it again only because of the $27.99 bit, i'm not sure how much it'd cost at another place... if it was cheaper i'd probably purchase the whole range. but for now i'll be content with just the volumizing spray. don't let word scare you though, it doesn't make your hair HUGE or anything crazy like that, it's honestly very minimal. it adds just the right amount of lift. it's very easy to work with.
all you do is add in damp hair - what i do is split my hair at the roots in three sections and spray directly on it and then style as usual, or else you can use it in dry hair to "refresh body" as it says.
if anyone has tried any of the other "s factor" products please let me know how you like them and if they're worth trying out. :)

thanks for stopping by. xx
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