hello again everyone, yesterday my parents and I decided to go to North Dakota for the night for a little get away before my holidays are over and I have to get back to reality. I always look forward to going to the USA because they often have a lot that we Canadians unfortunately do not have *sigh*. In this first few pictures I have a few of the items that purchased at various different places. 

- Hawaiian pattern elastic skirt from Macy's : Tommy Hilfiger $41.00
-mustard yellow fox purse from Target : $24.99
-navy polka dot slip on flats from the GAP : $7.99 

I've been trying to buy pieces that I wouldn't normally go for, I want more girly skirts and accessories. 

- Pink hedgehog sweater from Target : $22.99
- navy polka dot lace up shoes from the GAP : $11.99

the GAP had a lot of end of season sales right now, I was thoroughly impressed. I don't have a lot of shoes so I thought at those prices I'd be crazy not to buy them. And as for the hedgehog sweater... It obviously was a must. It's so adorable.

Disney tank tops from Wet Seal : $18.50 for one or buy one get one 50% off. 

For obviously reasons I got two of these. I love my Disney movies more than anything. I'm happy I bought them.

- Oxford type shoes in tan from Gordman's : $34.99
- blush pink and black hair bows from Wet Seal : $4.00 

I loved these shoes the minute I saw them. They'd be great to go with anything really. They're also very comfortable. Usually I can never find anything at Gordman's but I had some luck yesterday. And finally I decided to buy some cheeky bows for my hair. I love girly accessories and now that I got my hair newly cut I'm going to make use of the bows. 

All in all I had a nice little successful get away. I spent more than I should but I figured it was worth it :) love you all.


  1. Unbelievable, Delanie!!! You always find the cutest and adorable stuff EVER!! Your sense of style is just amazing! Can't wait to see it all on you;-)))

  2. That hedgehog sweater!! :-)

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