The day has finally arrived... the day I have been waiting for. The day that Canada FINALLY has the rimmel apocalips lip lacquers. These have been released in the UK for ages and after hearing so many good reviews I prayed that I'd be able to get my hands on them. I have not been so excited for something in my entire life.... Actually. I went to wal-Mart today, and IMMEDIATELY grabbed any random one. I didn't even know what I was choosing. I just had to have any of the shades. I ended up choosing "aurora" a rosy pink colour. It's actually really pretty. 
they actually feel really moisturizing and glossy. I love the texture, does not feel sticky at all. They are really easy to apply as well. Not suited for a quick touch up in a moving vehicle though, you might end up with some on your face. The colour is really pigmented, you could either dab it on your lips or for a more intense dramatic look apply it normally. I HAVE to buy all of the shades. I've waited too long for these. They are $8.00  and are worth every penny. They are actually almost identical to the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks which are $20 at sephora. I almost like the texture of these better. They feel so lovely on, definitely worth the wait. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU PICK  ONE UP! I love them with my whole heart. 
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