another post for today... can you tell i'm at home bored as heck ?! i just ordered a couple things from topshop online, because here in canada land we obviously don't have a topshop here. except in our hudson bay company's they do carry topshop, but the prices are SO high, i was shocked! for example, i wanted this camo jacket, and they have it there, but it's a whopping $85.00, whereas on the website it was $35.00 on sale. i absolutely am in love with this jacket... so let's hope it looks alright on, i know a lot of people are so against wearing camo, and think it's so ugly, i used to be that way too. but lately i've just been loving it, it's all in how you wear it. i'm not about to go and buy some matching camo cargo pants. and i also decided to buy the infamous dork tee, which i swear everyone eventually will have. i think it's actually so cute as a casual top just to throw on on those days where you just don't feel like putting much effort into yourself. and yes..yes... i'm aware that "dork" apparently means a whales naughty bits. whatever, i'll still wear the shirt proudly. the tee was only $14, i love it. and lastly, i got free shipping if i spent over $50, so i decided to throw in this double earring. i have three cartilage piercings on one ear, so i thought this would be cute to try out with that. the rabbit is kind of creepy, but i still like it, and i love my gold jewelry so i will definitely get some use out of it. this one was $4. ah! i'm so excited to receive these in the mail. my family is going to give me heck for shopping online again, i swear every week theres something in the mail for me.... whoopsie. i may or may not have a problem. i swear there will be no more posts today! xx
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  1. like that army jacket, great peace to have in your wardrobe ;)X