Kat Von D Tattoo-Lock it foundation: TATTOO COVER-UP

hello lovelies (does that spelling look right to you,....?) anyways, i decided to do something a little bit different today. i have already mentioned this foundation in two previous blog posts, but it also claims to be able to cover up tattoos, so i thought it would be a decent idea to demonstrate and see if it would actually work. now be warned, i got this tattoo in october, 2011 on my forearm and i have not had any touch ups done, as i should have gotten within that year. so my tattoo looks really patchy and not very smooth with the lines, this is completely my fault and it did/will look a whole lot better once i decide to make an appointment, but life seems to always get in the way. so please be polite, i still love my tattoo. i got it for my mom, because i just love her, she's an amazing lady (and i drew it out myself). but the whole point of this post is to test out the tattoo lock it foundation on tattoos. again, my shade is light 48. 
this is before i had applied any foundation on at all, not flattering light be oh well. (poor birds look so scruffy, let's just say it was raining outside). 
so here i applied one coat of the foundation with my Cala organics face brush, i let that dry for a couple minutes before i slapped on the second coat of foundation. 
 this is after two applications of the foundation, it covered pretty brilliantly i think. you can only see a subtle hint of the shape. after three applications i believe that this would have been completely hidden. this is all just in case you have a job interview somewhere and tattoos are unfortunately not looked highly upon as an employee (i can't wait for the day when tattoos and piercings are allowed in the workplace, come on people!) and i suppose this could be a quick fix if you can't afford laser tattoo removal if you really dislike yours. this foundation is great because its transfer resistant, so you may get a little bit on your clothes but it didn't do a whole lot of damage for me. i also added some face powder to set the foundation a little bit. and might i add, i really had to scrub the hell out of my arm to get the foundation off. it was amazing but frustrating at the same time! haha. hopefully this helps someone out, or maybe is just intriguing.

anyways i will probably write a post on something tomorrow, but just in case, happy easter everyone! i hope you receive an abundance of chocolate and sweets and eat as much as you can until you achieve an uncomfortable food baby. love you all. xx

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