hello beautiful people! i had the absolute privilege of attending a Revlon seminar yesterday afternoon. what an experience, it was so much fun to be there and i gained a lot of knowledge about the products. they were also talking about Almay, which was especially interesting, because that particular brand was never one i ever found myself going towards, or reaching for. their products are amazing though! i had never realized. after every product that was brought out, the rep did a demo on someone (including myself, which i almost fell on my way up *sigh*) and you really had the chance to see exactly what the product did. i just felt absolutely so in my element there, and learning about everything. i can't even express it! let me just say that i have always been such a huge Revlon fan. every product they come out with is just phenomenal for a drugstore brand. did you know that Almay has been around since 1930, and revlon since 1932?! crazy-ness! this guy knew what he was doing! i really appreciated attending this seminar so i have a better understanding of what the products do, and i know what to tell costumers to buy. for attending this seminar i received a bunch of free stuff which was just the cherry on top of it all.

aside from the amazing Revlon bag and Almay water bottle i received...
  • revlon photoready bb cream in shade 030 medium
  • revlon photoready primer-shadow pallet in shade 501 metropolitan
  • revlon colorstay ultimate suede lip color in shade 030 high heels
  • revlon file 'n peel 6-in-1 nail file
  • almay intense i-color volumizing mascara in 031 plum for brown eyes 
  • and finally almay smart shade powder blush in 10 pink 
it was great because every item in the bag was put together for whichever was our shade or eye color. i absolutely cannot wait to try these things out, but for some reason i'm having a hard time taking them out of their packages. i just want to stare at them. i will for-sure be doing some reviews on these goodies once i properly try them all out. the demo that was done on me was the eyeshadow pallet, but in a coral shade, it turned out so incredibly beautiful. she did a great job, except i was walking around ikea after that with one eye totally different than the other (trend setter!) but i am so grateful that i was able to attend this seminar, i ended up learning so much, the people there were hilarious and so fun to listen to. i hope that i'm able to attend more of these seminars in the future. thank you all for taking the time to read through my blog posts xx.
<3<3<3 REVLON <3<3<3
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