Hello Loves! So last week I had an amazing coupon for the Simple face products, therefore I picked up a couple. The Soothing Eye Make-up Remover and the Soothing Face Toner. Before I always used Avons Eye Make-up Remover Lotion, and I have to be honest and say that I was never a huge fan. I just didn't like how the lotion worked on my skin, and felt all goopy. And I've never used a toner... ever. It wouldn't hurt to try these two out! And what can I say?! FANTABULOUS. The eye make-up remover is a complete watery liquid and takes all of the make-up off instantly ! YES, it's THAT good. And I'm not one just to be wearing a little bit of mascara either. I found with Avons that it made the black smear all over my face... the Simple brand is very controlled with that. It only takes a few seconds to take all of it off, so i'm truly pleased that this worked so well ! It was only $7.00 at my local grocery store, completely affordable. And for the toner, I have no other products to compare this to because like I said, I have never used a toner before.. but this stuff makes my face feel so refreshed and soft and it just has a nice clean feeling. I'm lovin' this stuff right now, and have squeezed it into my nightly/daily routines. AND this product is built for sensitive skin, but it's good enough for every type. 
It says right on the bottle that it has one vital vitamin (?), 3 skin loving nutrients (toner), and no dyes or perfumes, and no oil. It has absolutely no smell at all, I know some products can kind of have a chemical-y smell to them, this stuff is pure, and goes on like water! TRY IT OUT! and thanks for stopping by! xx Much Love,
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