Hello Loves! Another day... another blog post. I went shopping (..again) with my sister this time! I found a couple good bargains. First was the Camo Skull tank which I bought from winners for $12.99. As I've mentioned I love skulls this year. I saw it and of course... just had to have it. There was another one there that I liked better, it was black with a skull which had the galaxy pattern in it, but my sister somehow snagged it from my hands.. wa wa. Next I also bought from Winners these fabulous Dex tights that I have been looking EVERYWHERE for. My sister bought them before Christmas, they are lined and thick and wonderful. She found them for me and they were also $12.99, they are literally the best tights ever, so comfortable. Lastly, from Urban Planet I bought that cute coral-y pink tank top for $14.99. It has a floral patter all over it and it'll be really cute with shorts in the summer or tights. I just loved the colour, and Urban Planet is one of those stores I was never able to go into before because I always thought It was just all cheap looking and too intense of colours and what not. But lately I've been going in there and all of their new clothes are right up my ally. Especially for the price, I love it. Any-who, that is all I have to say today, so thanks for stopping ! (PS, sorry for the shabby carpet, yikes.) Much Love,
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