HELLO! So this blog post is a little bit different from my others... I'm posting on a product that I've recently tried that I am not overly impressed with. Yeah.. I know, cheap make-up...you get what you pay for.. but still I expected a little better quality then this. About a week and a half ago I bought the Maybelline Master Duo liquid eyeliner and at first I was satisfied. It did the job. All of a sudden whenever I go to use it recently, it's almost as if it has dried out. I can't get any of the product out and onto my eyelid. I shake it vigorously in the bottle and I still get little to nothing. This frustrates me intensely because I had bought even cheaper liquid eyeliner before from Maybelline and have had it last for more than a month. I am an avid liquid eyeliner user, I never feel that my look is complete without it. I love the idea that they had for the tip, where you can achieve a thinner line, and then a thicker line just by turning it slightly. Brilliant idea, poorly delivered. It is definitely possible that I just bought a bad batch, I usually like Maybelline's products such as their mascaras (like their Mega Plush, its fab). So now in the rush of the morning before work I now have to take time to use 2 liquid eyeliners to actually get enough product for a simple line on my eye lid... so disappointed. 

What did you guys think of this eyeliner? Any liner recommendations for me to try?! Please comment
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