i decided to write two blog posts today because i have been too busy this week to write like i usually do. today i went to Sally's Beauty Supply and a store called Silver Lotus with my mom and sister. i had a handy gift card for sally's to use so i found a few little goodies that i'm way too thrilled about.
first i found the "china glaze matte magic" nailpolish top coat. i have been wanting to know the secret to matte nails for the longest time and so when i saw this i snatched it up right away. it was on sale for $5.00, and you just paint your nails whichever color you please (doesn't have to be by china glaze) and wait for that to dry, then apply the matte magic as you would a regular top coat. instantly turns your nails a solid matte color. how cool is that? gotta love science! every single time i go onto pinterest the first thing i see is amazing matte colored nails, and i drool. i absolutely cannot wait to give this a go. the next product i found was the bun maker, it's not made by any specific brand by the looks of the package, but it is to use for a sock bun. i'm a huge fan of the sock bun, and was using an old sock (it was clean!) so this will make life a whole lot easier, especially because it matches my hair aswell. i won't have to worry about some blue or red hearts showing through my bun. this little diddy was only $5.00 as well. pretty good deal. lastly from sally's... i'm going to cry.... i found the TANGLE TEEZER !! i was literally going to order this off of Ebay for a ridiculous price because i just wanted this so damn badly. i constantly have the biggest rat's nest at the back of my head, and have had it since i was five years old. and trust me, i brush it out all of the time, and it always ends up that i want to cry from the pain. this will make all the difference, and i'm literally too excited to have found it. it was $17.99, and it's the purple sparkle one, or AKA the original. i'm so in love, and i'm tempted to have a shower now just so i can brush my hair. love at first sight i tell ya!



okay guys, this purse is such a beaut. where i live in Canada we have a little place called Osborne Village, and it's a place that has a bunch of little individually owned shops filled with super trendy clothes and jewelry. since all of the purses that i currently own are on the smaller size, i decided it was time to invest in a larger one. this one has two main zippers (yes two) two straps of the same size (adjustable), two side pockets, and a bunch of compartments inside. it's a super nice light faded pink shade, and i love it so...so...so much. it was exactly what i was looking for. i'm not sure how i feel about the little tassel attachment yet, but meh. it also has two handles on either side, so i'm curious as to how that works. i figured it'd also be a great bag for travelling, it's very roomy for plane rides and what not. i bought this bag for $50. not bad at all if i do say so myself. but that is all from me today. xx
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