yes, i have found my new obsession. i bought one of these about two weeks ago, and couldn't resist from buying two more. and believe me, i'll most likely be buying every shade. i think that my must have makeup product is lip color, no matter what brand it is. i especially love the kissable balm stains because they're just so simple and easy. as much as i want to like a regular lip stain, i just don't. they make my lips look so terrible and dry. these add the right amount of moisture as a lip balm with the benefit of a lip stain. the color is really pretty, it doesn't go on too pigmented, but that's okay with me. they have a mint smell, but it doesn't last that long. i have to agree with essiebutton (www.essiebutton.com) when she says that she wished they had fruit scents instead. i think that would have been a nice little touch, but oh well. if any of you have the clinique chubby stick, this is basically the replica of that. i personally don't have one, but my mom and sister do. i showed my mom these and she said how much she liked them.
 the three shades i have are 001- honey, 015- cherish, and 025- sweetheart valentine. (ignore my weird wrinkly looking hand, i swear i have the hands of a 90 year old woman). it was hard to decide which is my favorite, but i personally really really like honey. that's the shade i've been reaching for most often. there isn't a huge shade difference between cherish and sweetheart valentine, but sweetheart valentine is more pigmented and goes on definitely brighter. all are super pretty, and i have been using all three a great deal. i'll probably get a more red toned one next time, or the nude. it was literally the worst trying to decide which one to take, i paced the aisle about 20 times until i just had to close my eyes and grab one. i also am dying to try the revlon lip butters, they look so adorable, and i love the shades. for some reason i keep going back to these instead of buying one of the lip butters, like come on! broaden the horizons a bit delanie. these kissable balm stains are $8.99 here in Canada. i thought that was a little pricey, but oh well. i still like them, and will continue to purchase until i'm at last satisfied... which will probably never happen. i'm such a make-up junkie. just keep moving on to the next best thing. there's just something about lip products that draws me in, i'm wanting to purchase more blushes and things like that just to take a breather from lip sticks and such. i literally have no more room in my lip product drawer. shame on me.
just bitten kissable balm stains are very long lasting, i put them on at the beginning of the day, and the gloss eventually wears out but the color stays. so it's definitely a pretty decent product. i have been extremely impressed with revlon's items lately, and can't wait to keep trying things out. only if i had a never ending bank account...-sigh-. but i hope you guys get on the balm stain train soon, because i'm obsessed! they're great. toodles! 

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