HELLO! i recently went to a NeoStrata event where we learn about the brand and their new products. this was only available to people who were in cosmetics, so i was really thrilled to be going with my colleagues. i personally have never heard of NeoStrata until i was invited to go, but i am so glad about learning about this. it is mostly directed at anti-aging, but there are a lot of amazing products for younger gals as well. in my bag i received four products, an eye cream and a toning serum that i gave to my mom, and i kept the "lash enhancing serum" and the "moisture infusion 24 hour hydration" for myself. i have been using both items for the last few days. the moisturizer is incredible. my skin is so dull, and like i have mentioned dry and oily. until now i have been using the Spectro Acne Care moisturizer from my grocery store and there is absolutely no comparison to the quality. i put a bit of the moisturizer on before bed, and i woke up the next morning with my skin feeling like a baby's bottom. absolutely so smooth, i did not need to apply any more the next morning. the product just sinks right in. the full size bottle is about $35 to $45 dollars ( i can't quite remember). it is pricey, but i'm telling you, you can't get a product better. the lash enhancing serum is used to make your lashes fuller, and keeps them from falling out. it usually takes about two weeks to start seeing results so i don't have much to say about that yet. you just apply it to the base of your upper lashes and bottom lashes. it helps them grow and become more luscious. i already have pretty long lashes myself, but i would like them a bit fuller. i will keep you updated in a couple weeks how the serum is working. the serum is $60. i'm enjoying this brand because i have been trying really hard to take care of my skin lately because it just looks so blah. i would suggest to anyone to go to your shoppers drug-mart, london drugs, or any grocery store that sells lotions to ask questions and perhaps try something out. the line has apparently been around since 1991, and they have just come out with new anti-aging products developed with the technology of a swiss apple, which is actually really interesting. if any of this interests you, go check it out and see what you think !
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