i went to sephora last weekend and purchased this anastasia bold and beautiful kit. it resembles a book, with 2 novels. one pallet is "bold brows" and the other is "beautiful eyes". i'm such an eyebrow noobie it's not even funny. when it comes to powders and fillers i'm like "whaaa?" but thanks to this dandy kit, i finally have some sort of idea what i'm doing. 

 the eyeshadow pallet has some super pretty colors. very natural, i am in love. so easy on rushed mornings when i just don't have the energy or patience to think about my makeup. it comes with a white, light pink, a creamy natural, and a shimmery dark brown. you can achieve a smokey neutral eye or even keep it as minimal as you'd like. nice options in this. and it comes with a double sided brush. 
very handy and compact for travelling. 

the eyebrow set comes with a medium brown wax and a pale shadow, tweezers, and a double sided brush (wand and angled brush). super handy to have, all of the materials are there for you. this kit made it easier for me to understand what to do to achieve the look i want. it is very basic, and you can't really fail at this. anastasia brand is known for their brow kits, they definitely know what they're doing. highly recommend you guys to try their products out. i personally have never heard of "anastasia" until the employee picked it out for me. the kit was $45. the bold and beautiful kit really is great because at first when i was putting the eyebrow stuff on i really didn't think anything was happening, until i took a step back and was like, wow, they actually look good. very natural, which is exactly what i wanted because i was using an e.l.f eyebrow lifter and filler wax which was definitely not my shade at all, and it sometimes looked pretty scary i'll admit. i probably won't repurchase the kit once the product is gone, because i honestly have no reason. i like it a lot, but i'll probably keep trying out different products. pick this bad boy up !!! it's awesome, and simple, especially if you're a beginner or just in the mood to try something different. thanks for stopping by! cheers!

P.S. - sorry for the picture quality, something weird happened with my nikon camera... :( 

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