Hello All! Today I just wanted to talk about the make-up brand Eyes Lips Face or otherwise known as E.L.F. I know a lot of people are skeptical of buying make-up online and especially at the price, what would you expect of the quality?! I had these same concerns because although the prices were ridiculously amazing, what exactly am I going to be paying for? And since it's online you don't have the opportunity to try out the products so it's hard to tell what would match your skin tone and what not.  I'm not sure if any of you are able to purchase their products in store at all, but where I live I don't have that luxury (haha). I bought a few of their items on a whim, I ended up getting a lot of products for under $20 bucks. Then I bought some more until my collection turned into this.... 
I now have A LOT and what I can say is that I absolutely LOVE their products for the price. If you get on their e-mail list they always have constant promotions that you literally can't say 'no' to. Recently the promotion was buy $20 dollars worth of stuff and get the "girl on the go" pack for free... and that included 2 eye shadow sets (like the bright one pictured), 2 eye shadow brushes, lip gloss, lip matte stick, eye shadow concealer, lotion wipes, and a mascara. I seriously received so much stuff for free, it was RIDICULOUS. Buying from E.L.F is literally one of the best things I have discovered. Yes we all know that you get what you pay for, but the quality is honestly very decent. There is hardly anything that reaches over $10 dollars unless you get a set of some sort. I use these products on a daily basis and will continue to purchase from their website. If you are on a budget definitely check out eyeslipsface.com and go crazy. I even went to my dollarstore that is near my home and they had E.L.F make-up brushes there, I almost died. 
I use this pallet everyday, and it is conveniently called "Everyday." It is $5.00 on their website right now, so pick the colour pallet you want. I love this one because it has just the right amount of variety that I look for. I use the golds like crazy (as you can kind of see I've already hit pan on those). Even if you make a small purchase and aren't impressed, it is not a huge damper on your wallet. There are always amazing deals going on (even 50% off of things $3.00). I would recommend E.L.F to anyone and everyone. I know it's a pain to wait for something to come in the mail, but it takes about a week. So it's definitely manageable. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF CHEAP MAKE-UP, sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised. My favorites so far are : 

  •  Everyday Eyeshadow Pallet
  • Matte Lipstick Pencils
  • Angled Foundation Brush
  • Eyebrow Duo

Hope this helped you out a bit, and thanks for stopping by! Much Love,
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