Hello all! As you may know I recently bought 2 shades of this lipstick to try out and thought I'd give a little review on what I thought of them. There are a lot of reviews on these bad-boys but I might as well join the band wagon, too. 
The first colour I bought was shade 109 of the Kate Matte lipstick. It's a really nice orange colour, I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about it because of it's shade, but once I had it on, I really loved it. It has a tangerine tint, and smell.. it literally smells so good I was surprised. I LOVE matte lipsticks, they are definitely my go to. 
This one here is shade 90, it is a fuchsia colour, it is SO pretty for spring! It isn't matte, but it is a creme lipstick. As far as personal preference goes, I still love the Matte lipstick because i'm not always afraid that I'm going to smudge bright pink lipstick all over my face. and I find that matte lipsticks are easier to apply, I had to be really cautious with this pink one because if I made one wrong move I had lipstick on my chin, and it even ended up on my neck in a nice smear (don't even ask how that happened). What I love is that these colours are so pigmented, and just really gorgeous. I just bought them on a whim because I'm always up for trying new products. They're only $7.00 at any drug or grocery store that sells cosmetics. Super impressed with the quality, I will definitely be using these a lot once the snow melts and I can get away with the more bright pastel spring colours. I thought that I should start taking more risks with colour, so this is a start. 
Here are the colour swatches, really really pretty lipsticks, I can't wait to get my fill of them. I'll most likely end up buying more because all of the shades I had initially wanted were sold out. At the price you really can't go wrong with trying them out at least. Kate Moss Lipstick by Rimmel gets two thumbs up from me ! Thanks for stopping by :) Much Love, 
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  1. I LOVE the pink colour, so gorgeous!! x


  2. love the kate moss lipsticks my favourite is 113, such a gorgeous nude colour xx


    1. I'll have to pick that one up! love nude shades :)