Hello ! I have been cleaning and re-organizing my room today and got inspired to do a favourite things in my room- post. I kept discovering all of these things that I had never realized I had, or forgotten about, or just overall overlooked. I recently went to IKEA and bought a few more things to add to my London decor - I am very much OBSESSED with the UK lately - It is my absolute dream to go there, maybe to live for a while. I'm working on it! Anyways here are some photos of my favourite things! :)

This little cutie is a Macaron jewelry holder that I found in one of the little shops we have here where I live. I just thought it was so adorable I couldn't walk away from it. 

I just put this little diddy together. I found this in my basement like 30 minutes ago and knew I'd find a use for it somehow. VOILA! make-up brush holder. I love things like this that are unique and add a sort of character to your room... especially when it was just collecting dust. love it! 

Next is my bed, I finally decided to make it up. My comforter has Big Ben on it and some France things, and of course the double decker bus on the pillow from HomeSense. The square red pillow and the red blanket are from IKEA and so is the bed itself. It is technically a Day Bed, but I love the look of it, and all of my furniture matches this. The sparkly pillow I literally bought for $4.00 since it was from Christmas time. Steal.

I have literally had this chandelier since I was about 8 or so. It was a gift from my mom, and I just found a way to make it work throughout all of the room changes (and there have been a lot).

This is my absolute FAVOURITE thing in my room. It's from IKEA. It was only $50.00 and its HUGE. As soon as I saw it - just love at first sight - . My sister thought I was crazy.. cause my walls are literally already filled, so I had to take down my Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn pictures and save them for when I move to the basement, into a much larger space.. but I love this photo, and I love the idea of England and I can't wait to go.

 Just a little side-note : I got my first 2 followers today! and thank you to those who have been leaving comments complimenting on my blog! I SUPER duper appreciate it, and I have and will be following yours as well. Much Love,
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