hellooooo! this post i have decided is to be dedicated to the lifelong question of, "what is better? drugstore foundation or high-end foundation?" is this a question you've ever found yourself asking? i know i have. i recently spent $40 on Kat Von D's: lock it tattoo foundation, and also Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation for $11.99 and decided to compare the two for you guys. it's always hard to know what to go for depending on your budget. 

so with the Kat Von D's tattoo lock it foundation, it is full coverage, it's very pigmented. it's also thick so i had to thin it out with a moisturizer. and to be honest with a full face of makeup i wanted to scratch my face off, it just felt so heavy and cakey to me. it's just my face i'm sure. it's really dry and oily at times as well, so i just found that it made my complexion look really dull. it's a matte finish and it stays on for the whole day, it hides a lot of imperfections. it would be a good foundation for a night out and if you were going somewhere where a lot of pictures are taken throughout the night. it's also good as a concealer, it is like a 2 in 1 product. the packaging is amazing, i love the roses and the pump it has. it's pricey but it has good coverage. nice foundation to have in your collection. when i went to purchase mine from sephora they only had medium to dark shades and then this one which is light 48 and there were no testers so i just had to go with that shade, and it basically matches my skin tone, it's always hard to tell because i have more of an olive skin tone. but it worked out anyways. 


about a week or so ago i bought the rimmel wake me up foundation in shade true ivory. i swear i have the weirdest skin ever because it's basically medium, but my shade is always in the light colors. i really don't understand, but then again i always darken it with bronzer and powder. it somehow works. now with this foundation i had heard good things about it in different blog reviews and on youtube. i really wanted a foundation to wear for every day and one that wasn't so heavy. when i first put this one on my face i was truly disappointed. i thought that it hardly covered anything, and i took it off right away. i tried it again today before work, just to see how it'd look if i moisturized my face properly and had primer underneath. what a difference. i actually loved this foundation. it has little shimmers in it (at first i was like frick, i look like edward freakin' cullen in the sunlight), but i eventually liked the way it looked. very natural. i paired it with rimmel's stay matte pressed powder, and blush and bronzer. I had it on for more than 8 hours, and it still looks nice and dewy and fresh. my skin looks nice with this on, not dry and not that oily. and i don't feel the need to wash all the makeup off of my face because it's driving me mental. i actually haven't had luck with any sort of drugstore foundation yet, but i'm really loving this stuff. it looks natural, i like the way i feel and look in it. 

out of the two foundations, both are great, but i feel for different purposes. kat von d's tattoo lock it foundation would be great for nights out, or for different events that require a long wearing foundation. personally, it did not improve the way my skin looked. i somehow feel that it may have caused my skin to break out a bit. it couldn't breathe at all under all of the makeup. i will definitely use that foundation again, but not for everyday wear. from now on i will be using rimmel. it definitely does the job, my skin looks and feels amazing. i'm really really impressed because i'm pretty particular on my foundations. i don't just want to use any old one. what i can suggest is that you guys don't waste your pennies on a $40 foundation unless it's honestly your holy grail. the kat von d's lock it foundation is an amazing foundation, don't get me wrong, i still really like it, but i probably will not be purchasing it again in the future. i didn't love it enough, and i didn't think "wow i look flawless." my skin sometimes looked worse with this product on, but this is just my experience, and my skin type. i just wanted to let you all know what i found from experience with these two foundations. there are a lot of people who swear by that stuff, and i can definitely see why, it just wasn't for me! that's all. :) i hope this may have helped any of you out at all, feel free to leave comments/questions. 

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