Yesterday I went to Winners (TJ Maxx) with my mom, and I casually walked by this cardigan, and since I'm so obsessive... just couldn't help myself. This is a cardigan by the brand Kersh and it was $29.99. Usually I would never justify spending that at Winners (Even though that isn't a lot of money anyways). Just look at it ! I love the Union Jack on the back of it. It's kind of like a mullet in some sense.. business in the front and a party in the back. I was just too excited about this just to not make a post. I was wearing it around yesterday with my lined Dex leggings. So comfortable yet so casual. Which is just how I like things. And on another note: My mom told me that she's going to get into contact with one of her friends that lives in England to see if she knows of any available jobs for me so I can move there. I can't even express to you guys how happy this makes me to even fathom that one of my biggest dreams may be coming true. And even the fact that my mom supports me so much in going to England just means the world to me, and that I'm not stupid in making this decision. AH! :) I will probably make another blog post today on a beauty product, but this is all for now! xx

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