soap & glory " scrub your nose in it "  $21.00
l'oréal "true match lumi" foundaiton $14.00
covergirl + olay "eye rehab CC cream" $9.00

hey guys, sorry i've been MIA for the last couple weeks. I had all four of my wisdom teeth out and i was literally in a coma (or what felt like it) for approximately 8 days. and then it took a while for me to get back into a routine with work and what not. but it feels good to be back to life, and back to blogging. anyways, BACK TO BUSINESS! 

i'll admit that i haven't actually done a "monthly favourites" in quite a few.. well... months. and that's because i hadn't been trying any new products, i was just sticking to the same routine. but then it seems as though jan/feb were the months of new launches of products, and it made everything exciting again. i have been trying really hard to branch out a bit and stray away from my comfort zones when it comes to makeup and brands. without further ado, here are my february monthly favourites :

to start, skin care has been a huge priority of mine in the month of february. i've been really trying to take care of it, and pamper the heck out of it. with a long, draining winter, my skin has definitely felt the effects of the cold, which has left my face and body extremely dry and dull.  i've been absolutely loving the Soap & Glory "scrub your nose in it" scrub/mask. i had blogged about wanting so desperately to try the soap & glory line, but it was way too expensive here in Canada. FORTUNATELY for me, my sister bought me this scrub for Christmas, and i was probably way too excited. i can definitely understand why this brand is so popular and hyped up in the blogging/youtube world. when you use this product it soaks up all the excess oil on your face to leave you with a matte complexion (which i personally like because i have combination skin). and you can see that your pores appear smaller and your skin just looks overall cleaner. another note on this, is that it doubles as a face mask that you only have to leave on for 3 minutes, which is perfect for the days when you want a boost in your complexion but don't have the time for a 15 minute + face mask. definitely a thumbs up from me. 

 secondly, foundation has been at the top of my shopping list for the last month. i have been on the hunt for the foundation that works best for me, therefore i have purchased everything from matte, to luminous, etc..etc... so far, i have been really keen on the L'Oréal True Match Lumi foundation. my shade is n1-2 which is kind of an "in between" shade. trust me- i have the hardest time figuring out my skin tone. but this one works. this foundation just makes you look so radiant, and awake. i love how healthy my skin looks when i apply this. i even find that it looks good even hours later, it just gets dewy throughout the day, and i personally love that look - especially right now that my skin is so dry. it does the trick. i have written a whole blog post on the L'Oréal Lumi concealer and foundation here

thirdly, do NOT even get me started on my under eyes this month. literally a hot mess, it looks like i haven't slept for the whole month of february. my under eyes are puffy, dark and dry. i figured either i need to see the sunlight OR i need a good concealer. man, shopping for a concealer is the hardest thing. i never realized how many OPTIONS there are. i already have a thicker consistency concealer for blemishes and what not, but i wanted something a little bit lighter and hydrating. when i have been putting concealer under my eyes it has creased, and clung to the dry patches. eventually i went to the Covergirl station in my drugstore and saw the Covergirl + Olay collection. i have used the foundation in the past and i really liked it, so i thought 'why not give the concealer a try?' this one is called "eye rehab CC cream concealer," and the back of the product reads, "instantly conceals dark circles to brighten the eye area and evens your skin tone, reducing the look of discolorations, fine lines, and wrinkles, while the serum hydrates over time." when i looked up reviews of this, they were mixed. this concealer is very light, easy to blend, and i found nicely hydrating. a VERY LITTLE goes a long way, you literally need a 1/4 of a pump and it conceals the under eyes no problem. 

physician's formula "happy booster- Glow and Mood boosting blush" $15.99

when looking through my blush collection, i realized that i didn't have very much in the way of variety. all of the shades i own are basically the same or too bright for an every day use. i would never normally spend almost $16.00 on a blush, but i love Physician's Formula products (and always have). plus i wanted to get into mineral makeup a lot more -side note- when i was in high school and battling severe acne, Physician's Formula mineral loose powder foundations were the ONLY products i used, and i loved them. now that my skin is miles better, i'm curious to visit the old friend and see how i get on with it now. -back to the point- the packaging in this blush is adorable, i mean come on. i'd be lying if i said the packaging had no part in the final decision. i own the shade "natural", and it's mostly a peachy-light natural pink that gives you just the perfect glow on your cheeks. this product is so easy to blend, and very buildable. and apparently this stuff is supposed to boost your mood but i personally haven't experienced any difference on that point. 

Maybelline colorsensational "the buffs" lipstick in shade 920- nude lust. $9

so this lipstick has been making it's way to the top of the blogging scene. it's unbelievably creamy, and smooth. and i love the abundance of nude shades they have. i couldn't decide which one to pick up first so i just went with nude lust which is a really pretty pinky-brown nude, i wish this picture did the colour justice. i find that it's perfect for my skin tone and it's just the lipstick i've been reaching for everyday, because it's just so easy to wear and pair with ANY makeup look. i'm planning on picking up a few more shades, but for now i have been loving this one. and it looks great with a pink toned lip gloss on top (for example i've been using the Nyx Butter Gloss in merengue on top, and i love them together. 

anyways guys, i'm sorry this was a lot of reading, but i had a lot to say this month and PLUS i have not posted at all in two weeks so why not come back with a bang? hahah. let me know some of your february favourites in the comments below ! xoxoxoxo 


  1. That blush looks so so cute!!

    1. it's so adorable it makes me ill! love love love.

  2. Scrub Your Nose In It is such a great product, Soap & Glory never fail to impress me!

    Michaela-Leigh xx

    1. it is such a good product, i can't wait to try more from the brand!

  3. I just got Nude Lust and I love it!

  4. Lovely color and lovely paackaging :D


  5. Lovely post! I enjoyed reading it... I really need to try out Soap and Glory... Been hearing a lot about it via Zoella (on Youtube) because she just seems to love it and since then I have been seeing it everywhere! That lippy is such a gorgeous color, btw. I really need to just pop into the drugstore one of these days and browse, looks like a lot of good things are available right now!

    I'm a new follower btw! Love your blog!