it seems like the last month went by extremely fast. it is now march, which means another Ipsy Glam Bag arrived in the mail this morning. i always look forward to the surprise of this subscription, i'm usually impressed with the products included. 

for anyone who doesn't know, Ipsy Glam bag is a monthly subscription of samples/full sized beauty products. for the USA it only costs $12.00 per month, whereas for us Canadians the bag costs $15.00. in my opinion this is still a good deal considering the products are often worth way more than what you pay anyways. Michelle Phan distributes the bags herself, which is ultra cool. at least you have the confidence to know that a pretty well known beauty guru is putting together the bags, so you know that you won't be receiving.."crap". 

this month's bag theme was "destination beauty" and what was inside was.... 

  • NYX "love in rio" eyeshadow trio in shade:  segredos de giselle $6.00 full size
i own one of these trios, and i really love them. the pigmentation is pretty good, and the eyeshadows are pretty fine. i love this specific shade because they are all neutrals, and these are the shades that i wear on a daily basis. i know for a fact i'll be reaching for this bad boy quite often. (this product is perfect for travelling)
  • Chella eyeliner pen in shade: indigo blue $24.00 full size
i'm not sure how i feel about the bright blue liquid liner, it is something completely out of my comfort zone, i never thought a bright blue would look good with a dark brown eye.. but i guess we'll have to find out. i might even be pleasantly surprised!
  • bareminerals "marvelous moxie" lipstick in shade: get ready sample size
i love this shade, it is a really really beautiful rose coloured pink. definitely a shade that is right up my alley. too bad this is only a sample size, but it will give me a good opportunity to try it out before spending the big bucks on the full sized lipstick. plus i've heard really good things about the bareminerals  marvelous moxie lipsticks!
  • pixi "flawless beauty" primer | sample size. full size is $26.00 
this primer claims that it's "an even skintone face primer. adds a youthful glow. hydrating." i personally am looking forward to trying this out. i have been on the hunt for a primer to add to my must have collection. i have gone through plenty of primers as well... and i'm not a fan of spending $40 + on a primer that is "just okay". fingers crossed that this one fits the bill! i personally love pixi products. 

so all in all, this months ipsy glam bag is pretty good. i'll be honest in saying that i wasn't completely "wow'd" or absolutely blown away at the products. i am, however, looking forward to trying the bareminerals lipstick. i do believe they did a decently good job this month. i'll give them a thumbs up. 

i hope you all are having a decent tuesday! xoxoxoxo


  1. everything in the bag looks amazing!! i cant wait to see your swatches and hear your thoughts on everything! hope u had a great day =D


  2. Ipsy seems like such a great monthly subscription, might have to think it to applying for it. All there products seem to be things I'd love to try out and its super affordable. Thanks for the lovely post :)

    Krystal || Little Beauty Bug <3