oh hello friends! the idea to do a box swap has been lingering in my mind for some time now. i have always wanted to do one, because i think it would be a fun way to send beauty products to one of you from Canada that you wouldn't normally be able to have easy access to, and one of you send me beauty items from well.. wherever you're from for the same reason. it gives the opportunity to review some new things, and try some different products out and become acquainted with a fellow blogger, which is always an amazing experience! so here's the question... is there someone from over the pond who'd be wanting to do a box swap with me?! 

here's what i need.. 
  1. someone who is reliable. (as in, someone who would actually reciprocate)
  2. over the age of 18. (i don't want to get anyone in trouble with having a mysterious package being sent to them)
  3. and that's pretty much the gist of things
if anyone is interested - i need only 1 person - please e-mail me at dmlpike@gmail.com and we'll make certain specifications from there!

looking forward to hearing from y'all. much love, xoxox. 

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