M.A.C mineralize skinfinish in shade "Stereo Rose" $35.00
M.A.C lustre lipstick in shade "Snapdragon" $19.00


HOLY COW YOU GUYS! before i get started i do have to say that i NEVER buy M.A.C products. i'm always purchasing drugstore/highstreet makeup and am completely content with the cheap stuff, but let me tell you... i'm converted! i went on the M.A.C cosmetics website yesterday, just because i was curious... and then i saw their Spring 2014 line called "a fantasy of flowers" which i immediately knew would be right up my alley! everything was just so beautiful on screen. they have 2 colour ranges, the first being all warm tones (IE pinks and peaches) and the other cool tones (blues, greens, purples). when i went to my nearest mall last night i literally BEE LINED it for the M.A.C station to have a look at the products for this line. a lot of it had already been sold out, but the two main products i wanted were still there. 
 as a beauty blogger, one may be surprised at the fact that i only own one other M.A.C lipstick and that one is "Hue" and i've had it since my grade 12 graduation.. so.... i figured it was time to start building up the collection. 

M.A.C's mineralize skinfinish's are HUGE cult favourites amongst the beauty blogging/vlogging world, and i've literally been lusting over them. they add just the perfect amount of highlight to make your skin glow. when i first saw this, i honestly thought it was a little bit too dark, but when swatched it is a super pretty coral/peach shade. so lovely for the spring. i'm so happy to finally own one of these, and i'll probably be getting more... *sigh*. the clerk at M.A.C said that this particular shade is a cult favourite, and they have had it before in other collections, but people go crazy when it comes back. i can definitely see why. IN LOVE. 

you guys should know me by now when it comes to lip products and my scary obsession with them. this particular shade i saw on the website and loved it instantly. this one is called "snapdragon" and it's a blue-toned pink-y mauve colour. it's kind of hard to describe. but i'm trying to expand the shades of my collection because i always tend to sway towards rose toned lipsticks. and this one is really nice and sheer, so it is not over powering on the lips or too bright. -a perfect Valentine's day lipstick by the way... - the other one i wanted was "rose lilly" but that one was sold out online AND in my nearest M.A.C counter. also- "snapdragon" is also sold out online. i'd get to your store QUICK for mine only had 3 left of this one. 

as you can see from the swatches how sheer the lipstick is, and how LOVELY the skinfinish is on the skin. these are definitely staple items for spring. and i figured since i don't have a valentine this year, i might as well treat myself ! am i right ? 

anyways, A BIG HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to you guys, i'm sending lot's of love your way! xoxoxoxoxo. hope you all get spoiled ! 


  1. I regret not getting Snapdragon. It is seriously so pretty!

  2. That lipstick is so pretty I'm not sure whether it sold out in UK I have to go and have a look!! I just found your blog and really like it, your blog is lovely! Would you like to follow each other to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks :) xx


  3. i love those mac color lipsticks, i want the morange for spring/summer!
    cute blog<3

    check mine out for my most recent fashion post :)