IPSY GLAM BAG | october 2013

so another month, another Ipsy Glam Bag. i'm going to be completely honest in this review of this months bag. i'm not overly impressed at all. i feel as though they send the same products and brands over and over. the only thing that is new is the eyeshadow brush. i was seeing that a lot of people were posting on their blogs what they were sent, so naturally i had a browse of what they had to say. the item that i was most looking forward to receiving was the "Buxom" lip gloss, but instead i got the oil-free face cleanser. i know i shouldn't be complaining because the bag only costs $12.00, but the items i end up receiving just end up in the back of my drawer, because they aren't products that i have any reason of using day-to-day. what i got in this months bag was... 
  • bella terra mineral cosmetics eye shadow in shade "emotion" $14.99 full size
  • Zoya nail polish in "Neve" $8.00 full size
  • La Fresh oil-free face cleansing wipes $3.50, full size $9.99 
  • Big Sexy Hair blow dry volumizing gel. we got the sample size. full size $15.00 
  • Coastal Scents Brush Sample, medium shadow brush $2.49 full size
you do get way more than you moneys worth in the Ipsy Glam Bag, i was just disappointed with the repetition of products, especially when you see that a lot of other subscribers had the Buxom Lip Gloss and then you don't end up getting that, it's a little upsetting. but i shouldn't be too harsh on Ipsy, because they do send you quite a lot of products for the price you pay. i just hope that in the future they will throw some new products into the mix a little. i am excited to try out the eyeshadow brush, i'm happy that they decided to send a makeup brush this time, and the bag was cute as well.

anyways, i will still continue to be subscribed to Ipsy, i do think that they are a great brand. and it is well worth the $12.00 you spend on it. 100% better than GlossyBox still. 

love you all. 


  1. I love my Ipsy Glam Bag this month, but I haven't been subscribed for that long, so there aren't any repeats for me. I can see why you would be annoyed!

    1. I love Ipsy, don't get me wrong- but i would like to see some new ideas/products/brands. :) x

  2. I received my bag yesterday, we are bag twinkies, same shades and everything! I was a bit upset too when I saw the products in my Glam Room but once I opened everything, I'm okay with it. You are absolutely right how we get the most out of our money with the Ipsy service so I agree about not being too harsh on them. It does get tiring of getting the same type of products every month lol.

    Thank you Delanie for your time to come by and follow my blog! I really appreciate you doing so! I'm happy to follow back! <3 xoxo

    1. woohoo! as i'm trying out the products, i do really like them. especially the nail polish, the colour is amazing. i just want to see something fresh and new! x thanks for your comment.

  3. I'd never heard about Ipsy Glam Bags up until now so I'll be sure to check them out :-) Great review!
    x x


  4. I love the look of the volumising hair gel! It's cool that you got a Coastal Scents brush too. :)
    Spider Leg Lashes xo

  5. I like everything!
    Would you like to follow each other?Let me know and I will follow you right back

  6. great stuff, pretty nail polish color :)


  7. great post, happy to hear you were honest. cute blog, keep in touch


  8. good to hear an honest review, I wasnt the greatest fan of glossybox but I'll have to try the ipsy bag!
    Grace x


  9. I've never heard of the Ipsy Glam bag, I'm sorry to hear that you weren't too impressed with it, your right though you do seem to get some nice pieces for the money you pay so I guess it's not all bad? Great review though!