makeup table "malm" from ikea

hello everybody! a couple days ago i went and splurged on a new makeup/vanity table at ikea. this one is called the "malm" from Ikea. i will put the links at the end of this post. but i have accumulated so many things with nowhere to put any of it, so i just thought... okay, delanie. if you're going to make any kind of purchase it better be something smart and worth it. i love the way the table looks, it makes my room look bigger, and i have sooo much space to sort my things. and since it's starting to look how i want, i thought i'd bore you all with pictures! here we go... 

white mirror- homesense $12.99 
floral jug- great grandmothers- unknown
macaron jewelry holder- desart $15.00 
country rose plate- mothers- unknown

i like to find little trinkets around my house that aren't being used, and creatively use them for my jewelry or makeup brushes or anything of the sort. i find they add character and colour, and it's just more interesting when you add things like that to your room. i'd suggest asking your grandparents or parents or even go to an antique shop to find cool little things like this. you can find them literally anywhere if you keep your eyes peeled. i absolutely love my little white mirror, i bought it from a store we have in canada called "homesense" it is the sister store of TJ Maxx and Winners. it was in the bath section. 

London glass box- Winners $14.99

all of my decor in my room is London themed, so naturally when i saw this at Winners i bought it without thinking twice. i think it's really adorable, and it holds a lot of my lip products that i don't use regularly.

 metal jeweled jewelry holder- homesense $13.99
glass candy dish- ikea $4.99

i use the dish to store my lipsticks that i use regularly, that way they are right where i can see them, and access them easily.

floral metal napkin holder- ikea $6.99
bath and body works Candle- $15.00
two drawer plastic organizer- $6.94 superstore

i use the napkin holder to hold my eyeshadow pallets, it saves space, and looks kinda cute. 

first drawer- face products- bronzer, blush, foundation
2nd drawer- eye products

top- lip products

i am using the bottom drawer right now for all of my miscellaneous items like lotions/perfumes/brushes/ nail polish, etc etc. 



mirror- homesense (?) 

my mother bought me this mirror and i don't remember where it's from and how much. but i love it, i love the victorian print on it and it matches my room perfectly. 

i'm sorry this post was so long guys, but i just felt like sharing this with you. i personally love seeing other peoples makeup setups, it always gives me some good inspiration and what not. but thanks for taking a few minutes to look through this, i love you all. 

ikea "Malm" dressing table can be found HERE
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  1. Love the mirror and the pretty glass dishes!

    Josie xxx

  2. You just gave me some ideas, love the pictures!!

  3. Your makeup table is so dainty and pretty! I love it!