ESSENCE | inexpensive makeup haul

since today is labor day and nothing is open except for Shoppers Drug Mart, i decided to take a little peek at their makeup selection, since in my opinion, it is one of the best. 
i had heard of essence from a colleague of mine at Joe Fresh, who said that this brand is AMAZING and so so so unbelievably cheap. it couldn't hurt to pick up a few things, could it? i found a variety of items, i haven't tried any of it out yet, so i'm so curious as to how these things will turn out. for all of these 6 items i paid $26.00, thats insane, isn't it?! 

sun club matt bronzing powder in "blondes" $4.99

the back of this bronzer states "matt bronzing powder for a naturally sun-kissed glow". this particular shade says that it's perfect for lighter skin types, the darker one looked too orangey to me, so i decided to stick with this one. it smells like COCONUTS, i was so shocked, and so pleased with that. it smells really, really good. it looks like a pretty decent bronzer. 

all about matt- fixing compact powder $3.99

this one states, "extremely smooth fixing compact powder for a matt and natural finish all day long. helps to blend blush and foundation colors together. fixes makeup when applied as finishing powder, for all skin tones." 
i haven't seen anything like this before, but i thought it'd be a good thing to try and have. just in case. 

match 2 cover! cream concealer- $3.49

"cream concealer- high coverage of skin imperfections and dark circles. 2 shades to perfectly match your skin tone."

i <3 extreme crazy volume mascara- $4.99 

"mascara for extreme & crazy volume. ultra black" 

lash and brow gel mascara- $2.99

"transparent gel mascara. cares for lashes and styles eyebrows."

and then lastly, superfine eyeliner pen $2.99 
"eyeliner pen for a precise and ultra fine line. smudgeproof, extra-long lasting."(pictured in the first picture.)

i hope that i like these products, the prices were so insanely good, if any of you guys have tried "essence" please let me know what you thought of it. love you guys! 



  1. Really Great products its like make up academy cheap but good quality product

  2. ooo good haul hope they are good, amazing prices.

    Carrieanne x


    1. I was shocked at how cheap this all was! x

  3. You are right on the bronzer,the darker shade is way to orange!I took that one and honestly I am not able to use it as the color seems so fake.But I have to say that I just love the fact that it smells like coconuts too! :)
    I have to try the mascara too,seems a good one and it's so cheap!

    Only a storm in a coffee cup

    1. i'm so relieved i didn't purchase that then, thanks for the feedback!
      i still can't get over how amazing it smells though, my fingers are crossed that the mascara
      is a decent one ! x