i was tagged by the lovely blusher and bronze to do this tag. i have been wanting to do this for a while now because autumn/fall is my absolute favourite season. it makes me so happy inside when the cooler weather comes along. 

favourite thing about autumn? 
this is hard to choose just one thing, i love everything about fall. probably the smell of it, and the changing of colours. autumn is so beautiful and gives me so much hope for life. 

favourite drink? 
now, i know the answer i'm supposed to have is "pumpkin spice latte" from starbucks... and it is one of my faves. but i love just plain ol' coffee and tea. there are so many flavours of cremes and choices of teas to have now that it is just so enjoyable to start or end your day with something warm and delicious.

favourite scent/candle?
i haven't started my fall candles/scents yet, but right now, i am loving a scent for my Scentsy warmer called "vanilla citron," the very best of vanilla and sweet lemon. but as fall does roll around i love any "pumpkin" or "cinnamon" scent. 

best lipstick?
my current fall favourite is berry colours of lipsticks, it is all the trend right now. my favourite shade is "berry couture" by revlon. it's an amazing formula and so so pretty on the lips. very wearable. 

go-to moisturizer? 
this time of year my skin gets so dry, the only moisturizer that has worked wonders on my skin thus far is Neostrata's 24 hr hydration serum. it's unbelievable. 

go-to colours for the eyes?
i tend to be attracted to smokey eyes around autumn, but natural smokey eyes. with golds and browns, i also love super exaggerated eyelashes. Ciaoobelllaxo's mascara routine video has changed my life forever. i suggest you guys go and have a look and try it on your eyelashes. no falsies needed! 

favourite music to listen to? 
fall is definitely an amazing time for music. Mumford and Sons is the best in fall (they're amazing in every season) but the way the wind moves in fall, the music just matches it. am i sounding crazy, yet?

favourite outfit to wear? 
the obvious- oversized sweater, circle scarf, leggings, tall boots. 

autumn treat?

favourite place to be? 
either in my backyard with nature, or inside with a big cup of cocoa snuggled up, watching a film. 

i tag all of you guys to do this tag, and if you do, please leave me your links in the comments and i'll go have a look. i love to read through these! 


  1. Autumn/Winter are my fave seasons as well!

    Lovely blog :)



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