it's that time of the month again.... well you know what i mean. MARCH FAVORITES! yaaaay. i have quite a few this month, i've boughten a lot and tried a bunch of new things, which resulted in this lot. so let's get started!
 so to start.... the London Calling tea and lemon candle from bath and body works. THE BEST CANDLE I HAVE EVER HAD. it smells like iced tea, or lemonade. so springy/summery. it just keeps my room so fresh smelling, and i literally am burning it all the time. i cannot get enough. i'm pretty particular about my candles too, i don't like scents that are too perfume-y. i love sweeter scents, but not scents that are sickly sweet, if ya know what i'm saying. i HIGHLY recommend you pick up this candle, it is ah-mazing. they should still have it in stock, i know that if they do i'll go and get another one for back-up. i just love this candle so much. it makes me so excited for summer. next i've been using the ultra-hydrating hand creme from Arbonne. my friend is a representative for the arbonne products, they are pricey, but all organic and natural. you get what you pay for. this hand creme is great because it is really nourishing. it has a light fruity scent, nothing overpowering at all (which for me is good). i usually put it on before bed time and it soaks right in, it isn't sticky at all. it makes your hands instantly soft. it is $22.00 on arbonne.ca. lastly, i've been using the Paris Amour body spray from bath and body works, it's $14.00 at bathandbodyworks.com. i love the scent of this, it's easy to spray it on when i'm in a hurry, and the scent stays for a while. i like it, and it's one of their best-sellers. so this product has been one of my go-to's this month.
 i recently found this lip product by clarins, and wow-wow-wee-wow. the shade is clarins rouge 117 sunset. it is the most gorgeous color i have found. it is a bit sheer, with pigmented color. it is a very lovely rouge coral shade. i've been sporting it quite a lot recently, with the smell of spring in the air. now i have a bad feeling that this might be a discontinued item because i had bought it at Winners for $10.00. and i just snuck a peek at their website and i don't see it on here, but i am positive that you can still buy it from ebay. i highly recommend you do, because i don't think i have loved a color more. it's a little bit more daring for me aswell, because i always stick with my pinks and nudes and mattes. this is taking a step, but i love it, and i've been getting loads of compliments as well. so that's always a good sign. it smells really lovely too. it gives a nice sheen and shimmer, it still looks natural but with a nice pop of color.
 two nail polishes that i've been loving this month are pink-ie promise by china glaze, which is a gorgeous purple-y pink color with little shimmers in it. it's my go-to color as of late. i love adding a top coat with sparkles in it, looks so vibrant and pretty, $5.99 at sally's beauty supply. and the other color that i'm actually in love with is by sally hanson and the shade is 260 fearless fog. it's a taupe color, and it is amazing. i've been getting compliments a lot on this one. it's such an easy color to work with, you only need 2 coats at the most. i love the brush that this has, and it is also a really cheap nail polish ($2.98 at any grocery store). i usually will wear this on all finger nails except for the ring fingers, which i'll then add a mint green or something of the sort for a pop of color. love the combo. pick this one up aswell!
i have featured the 'tough as taupe' in a haul post (i think...?) and because i loved it so much i also picked up the 'bad to the bronze' shade. oh my gosh, this is a brilliant color. i just love my gold tones so much, so easy to apply. this consistency is amazing. it doesn't make anything crease on your eye lid. a lovely natural shine, and it is definitely build-able. this is my everyday color right now, it just looks so unbelievably pretty. so good for those rushed mornings that we all have. this is $7.99 at any grocery store.

also there are a couple other items that are in the first picture. one of those being the 'pore fessional' makeup primer by benefit. it states that it is a pro balm to minimize the appearance of pores. i recently got this as a freebie at sephora because i had quite a few beauty insider points to use up. i have been using this daily, and i love it. i may end up buying the full sized one. i just feel like my complexion looks a whole lot smoother with this underneath my makeup. as it says, it minimizes the look of pores, which, trust me, i do in fact have a lot of noticeable pores. i especially notice the difference when i apply this product to my nose, it diminishes all of the ugly-ness on my nose (including blackheads) and all of the imperfections. i also find that my blemishes are easier to conceal with this on. the full sized bottle is $36.00. buy at your own risk, i'm still debating it.
and lastly for my march favorites, the joe fresh cream blush in shade rose. this is $8.00 at any superstore that carries the joe fresh brand. it is such a lovely natural shade, its easy to apply, and gives a nice rosy tint to my sheeks, with just a bit of a shimmer that i am really loving this month, dewy skin is the way to go i think. i apply with a blush brush or a cosmetic sponge in which i just dab it on the apples of my cheeks upward towards my hair line. beautiful.

anways, i hope you enjoyed the products i've featured today. if you have any questions please feel free to ask away in the comments below, and if any of would like me to check out your pages please let me know as well! i'll stop and say hi. thanks for taking the time to read threw my march favorites and i'll see you very soon! xx.
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