hello! i just realized that i haven't posted anything for a few days, which is really unlike me. my apologies. but the other day my lips were really chapped, it was bothering me quite a bit. i don't have a lip exfoliator scrub at home (as much as i'd like to go to lush and grab one). i decided to put together my own simple and fast home-made lip scrub, and it worked like a charm. that is why i decided that i'd like to share it with you beautiful people.
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 or 2 DROPS vanilla extract (or whichever flavour you see fit)
you combine these three ingredients and mix slightly until it all comes together. put into an airtight container or a little twist cap holder(?) from the dollar store and it will be good for up to 2 months! use your finger and take a dab of product on your lips and rotate in circular motions. wipe off any excess with a washcloth, and apply your favourite lip balm immediately after. -i use burt's bee's honey lip balm- works like a charm.
isn't that just too good to be true?! so simple and very effective. i've been using it for the past few days and it works amazing-ly. my lips were so soft and smooth when i woke up the next day. this smells really nice too because of the vanilla! i might eventually buy one of lush's lip scrubs, but i'm content with this recipe for now. i hope some of you will find this useful?! 

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  1. I just came across your channel and i absolutely love how it's designed! and thanks so much for this post! i will for sure try this out!! :)

    Also I just got into blogging and am looking to meet some fellow bloggers!! i actually started my own blog today and would love if you could check it out if you have some free time and let me know what you think! thanks so much! and keep doing what your doing because you are an amazing writer and have given me some great tips! :) XoXo Randa


    1. thank-you so much :) i hope you like this recipe!
      welcome to the blogging world, i'll definitely have a look.

  2. This sounds great and far cheaper than paying for most lib scrubs! :) xo