HELLO! So it is such a shocker to see that I've been shopping again today.. but I actually went for the good stuff this time. I found my way to Sephora to grab a couple things that have been on my list for a while. And then I walked over to Bath and Body Works to look for hand cream, and I ended up getting a free handsoap, so naturally, I was pretty pumped for that. Who doesn't love getting freebies?! 

I really have been wanting a brow kit for a long time, I had a hard time finding one to match mine. The oh so fabulous guy who helped me picked out this one by Anastasia, It's called the "Bold and Beautiful Kit." I was going to get the one by Benefit but this one ended up being the better deal in the long run because it comes with an eyeshadow pallet and all of the tools you need. The packaging also won me over.. it's so freakin' beautiful *drool*. I also picked up from Sephora the "Hoola" bronzer by Benefit. Again, finding a good matte bronzer is close to impossible in drugstores, so I decided to go big. I've heard SO many great things about this bronzer anyways so I'm excited to try it. I have one by "Joe Fresh," that I had been using, but it is kind of harsh looking on my skin. With my points from being a "Beauty Insider" at Sephora I got the choice of picking out a sample, so I went with Benefit's "The PORE fessional" makeup primer. Hopefully that's a good product, who knows, I might even go back to get the full size if I like it. Then I went to Bath and Body Works and bought the Secret Wonderland intense moisture body butter (smells AH-MAZING), and ended up getting a free hand soap so I picked out Caribbean Escape which smells like everything wonderful in life. Coconut...strawberry...pineapple...flowers. So nice. Anyways fingers crossed I like this stuff, cause as you know, nothing is cheap, especially out of Sephora. But that's all! Thanks for stopping by, loves. tata for now.
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