hello everyone! and welcome back. it's that time of the month again.... well not THAT time of the month, but the time for MONTHLY FAVORITES! woo woo. there have been a few products that i've been trying out that i have grown to love immensely. so i'm thrilled to share them with you guys.  

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin body lotion- BBW, St. Ives Green Tea Cleanser $6.00

to start things off, i have had really really terrible break-outs lately. it has been the MOST annoying thing ever. i've been using face masks and different bibs and bobs to try and calm my skin down. i decided to try a new cleanser, and saw this one by St. Ives. it smells amazing, and is so gentle on your skin, and it is specifically FOR your blemishes. i haven't seen a lot of improvement with this face wash, but i still enjoy using it because it is not harsh at all, for i do have decently sensitive skin. 

also, i decided to whip out my "Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin" body lotion from Bath and Body Works, for the start of fall. time to put away all those summer scents ! i have so many lotions from bath and body works, it's almost sickening. most of them were gifts though! i.do.not.have.a.problem. anyways, i'm a sucker for fall/winter scents like pumpkin, cinnamon, ect anything warm. i'm not convinced of the pumpkin/cinnamon scent in this lotion, but it smells good anyways. obviously, bath and body works isn't the BEST lotions ever, but they're still nice, and non oily on the skin. i have been using this as i jump out of the shower on my arms. lovely. 
Rimmel Match Perfection concealer- $7.00 Essence Super fine eyeliner pen $2.
Essence I <3 extreme crazy volume mascara $4.99, Victoria Jackson eyebrow pencil $?

i have been having really nasty bags under my eyes lately, and i'm not entirely sure why. i have been sleeping decently well and all that jazz, but the bags are just SO dark so i knew it was time to get a concealer. i've heard some good reviews on Rimmel's Match Perfection concealer, so i thought i'd give it a go. i do like it, except it tends to fall into a crease under my eyes. not a big deal though, you can just smooth that right out. it blends really nicely, and mostly hides my hideous bags no problemo. i also use this on any blemishes that i have currently and it does the trick. 

i received the Victoria Jackson Taupe eyebrow pencil in a recent Ipsy glam bag, and i have to say i really love this. i usually use a powder, but sometimes it doesn't fill in all of the sparse bits of my eyebrows, so with a couple swipes of this, problem solved. the shade is in Taupe so it works for everyone's eyebrow shade, which is great. 

i did a blog post on my "Essence" purchases, and how cheap they were. at the time i hadn't tried them out, so i had absolutely no idea what the quality was like or what to expect because they were so friggen cheap! turns out i love it all sooooo much. what amazing products for only a couple dollars. i was positively surprised by Essence, and i can't wait to buy more of their stuff. wow-ey. anyways, one of those items that i bought was the Super Fine Eyeliner Pen. it is a liquid eyeliner, but so unbelievably not fussy at all. this makes applying liquid liner SO easy, and i'm one of those people who just can't get liquid liner right. this eyeliner is great, especially if you're young or struggle like me, this will be perfect for you. 

also from the Essence line they had a new mascara called the i <3 extreme crazy volume mascara -long name, hey?- it's actually a really good mascara. i use this as a first coat before i apply another mascara over top, but this mascara is perfect for that, or even just on it's own. it gives great length and volume, and it allows you to have really good control because the brush .. is hardly even a brush. it only has a few bristles that aren't very long, but it honesty works really, really well. 

ALSO * i forgot about the necklace i had in the first picture. i re-discovered this necklace that i had bought back in february. a store in Canada called Suzy Shier was having a really huge sale on their jewelry, so i stocked up.. no lie. i bought a huge bag full. i think that gold necklace was literally only 2.99 or something like that. but i LOVE it. it looks so cute with a solid coloured sweater to add just a bit of edge to your outfit. super cute. 

anyways that's all for my september favorites, i hope you all enjoyed them! 

* PS> i'm currently working on buying supplies for possibly starting my own youtube beauty channel.. if any of you guys have some tips for me, that'd be amazing. also.. do you guys use a microphone in your videos? is it absolutely necessary? let me know! thanks. lots of love xx


  1. I heard a lot of amazing things about the Rimmel Match Perfection concealer, I think I need to pick it up!

    1. i really like it! you definitely should pick it up. x

  2. shame the St Ives isn't making a difference to your blemishes hunny, i am having the same problem at the minute it is driving me crazy. I think trying too much stuff can make it worse so i went a few days sticking to minimal makeup and only using liz earle cleanse and polish and it has made lots of difference.



    1. thanks for the tip, i might have to try that. it's so hard to find a product that will actually work. xx

  3. great post,love the products:)
    if you ever have time could you check out my blog maybe? im a new blogger and would love some feedback! thankyou :)