hello everyone! i've missed y'all so much. i went with family to the USA for Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend for a little mini getaway. i was sooo looking forward to being away from work and all of that for just few days.. and i unfortunately spent quite a lot of money.. whoopsie. 

since i purchased so many make-up items i decided to split it up into 2 parts so that this post wouldn't be too long or too boring for you guys to read. these items are all from K-Mart and 'The Dollar Tree' (strange, i know). also, i am in no way BRAGGING about buying any of these items, i am actually having buyers guilt at the moment because of what i spent. 

Wet n' Wild "rose champagne glow" by Fergie $5.99

I have been seeing TONS of blog posts about the Fergie line by Wet n' Wild. all of the items looked so beautiful and it really took Wet n' Wild to a whole new level. my goal in the USA was to purchase items that aren't as easy to buy in Canada, so when i came across the wet n' wild stand at K-Mart i just had to have a look. this is a beautiful illuminating powder. i love the swirly-ness of the powder, it looks amazing. when swatched it is just a really nice champagne/pink colour. 

E.L.F blush in "mellow mauve" $3.00 

in Canada (well at least in my area) we don't have any e.l.f stands or displays at our stores, so we have to buy the products online, but i have seen E.L.F in dollar stores and Winners (oddly enough). but i found the e.l.f display at K-Mart, and since i love the products so much, i needed to pick up something. i wanted some plum toned blushers for Autumn so i seized the perfect opportunity to do so. unfortunately my camera didn't catch the exact colour of the blush, it is darker in person. and i have to say that i am obsessed with the packaging of this. it is so sleek, and comes with a mirror. for only $3.00 you can't go wrong with e.l.f. 

Wet n' Wild Limited Edition coloricon eye shadow trio "a regular at the factory" $1.70

again, another product i have seen all over the blogging world. i couldn't find these limited edition wet n' wild eyeshadows in Canada, even though i'm sure you could find them at Wal-Mart or something.. anyways, this one was in the Clearance for a $1.70. i'm not even a huge fan of the colours of this, it's a little too out there for me, but i figured for Halloween or something i could work with it. it was so cheap that i just bought it without really thinking. oh well. 

Maybelline 24 hr Colour Tattoos in "pomegranate punk" $7.00 

i also wanted more berry toned eyeshadows for autumn, and at K-Mart their maybelline products were "buy one get one for 50% off," so i bought the colossal (which you'll see at the end) and this colour tattoo for the 50% off. i am obsessed with Maybelline's Colour tattoos, i think that they are amazing quality. i can't wait to play around with this shade, and i think it will look really nice on brown eyes. 

e.l.f. Matte Lip Color in "Praline" and "Rich Red" $1.00

these were my big "dollar tree" purchases! i love going into a dollar store and end up finding decent brand items for really cheap. i have a few of these Matte Lip Colors already and i love them so much, and for a dollar, i'd be silly not to buy these. they aren't too matte where it dries out your lips or anything, they have a really nice formulation to them. they are really easy to apply because they are like a lip liner/lipstick in one, so you are really precise when applying these. love them! 

Colossal "smoky eyes" instant volume mascara $7.00 

and lastly, i bought this mascara because i had previously saw it on MacBarbie07's september favorites video, and thought that i should try this out, because -to be honest- i wasn't a huge fan of the original colossal mascara, and she said that this one was better. this one was the other item i purchased with my 24 hour color tattoo to get the 50% off deal. i can't wait to see how this one turns out! 

alrighty guys, that was all of part 1 of my beauty haul from America, and then i'll be posting part 2 beauty haul, a fashion haul and a miscellaneous haul from the USA as well. so keep posted for those! 
thanks for stopping by, little loves. xx


  1. I love trying out new items that aren't readily available near me. Can't wait to see the rest of your haul!

    Améliorer la Vie

  2. About the Colossal mascara, my friend who is a makeup lover recommended this one to me. She uses this all the time, and her eyes always pop. I think it will turn out to be a good purchase. ;))