soap and glory
the balm
none of these photos are my own, all from google 

hello besties, as fall rolls around the corner i've been looking at my little collection of makeup and seeing what i'd like to add..

i've been DYING to try all of these brands so badly, i swear every british blogger has something amazing to say about bourjois, thebalm, and soap & glory. i recently discovered that i can purchase "soap & glory" and "bourjois" at Shoppers DrugMart and Sephora here in Canada, but the prices are absolutely ridiculous for them... RIDICULOUS. for soap & glory's "Hand Food" it's $18.00, and everything else is either that price or higher. it's so depressing because i don't want to have to spend that kind of money. it's so sad! 

i haven't checked out the Bourjois section yet and the prices... i only hope it's somewhat reasonable. i've heard amazing things about the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, and the bronzer that looks like chocolate.. who wouldn't want to try that. 

and of course... "thebalm". i'm in love with basically every product that i see from this brand. i think everything looks so adorable and i'd love to have them in my possession. i especially want to try the 'nude-tude' eyeshadow palette, the colours look so gorgeous, and they have a nice mix of everything. and the "mary-lou-manizer', i'm currently seeing this on everyone's blogs/videos. i don't currently own any sort of "lumanizer" or "highlighter" so it's definitely an item i want to get my hands on. 

my fingers are crossed that my little bank account will let me purchase a few of these items in the near future. 

have a good friday! happy weekend :) 


  1. Try the sugar crush range from Soap and Glory it is absolutely to die for, smells divine! Hope it isn't too pricey. Followed via GFC :) Lovely blog

    Becka! :)

    1. thanks for the advice! i will have to try it.