Forever 21 Perfume print makeup bag

HELLO FRIENDS! i have finally put together all of the items for my giveaway, and i'm so excited to show you ! i have been so appreciative of the support of this blog, and the comments/follows. so to say thank-you i wanted to give a little something(s) to one of my followers. before i get into the "conditions" i will show you what is up for grabs. 

New Almay Liquid LipBalms in shade 'blooming balm'
Bath and Body Works Mini Hand Lotion in 'Malibu Heat'

EOS lip balm in 'summer fruit'

Wet n' Wild Eyeshadow Palette in 738 'comfort zone'

Hard Candy nail polish in shade 664 'gummy green'

Forever 21 'Oui' gold colored bracelet 

so again the items in my giveaway are..
  • Forever 21 Makeup Bag
  • New Almay Liquid LipBalm in 'Blooming Balm' 
  • Bath and Body Works Mini Hand Lotion in 'Malibu Heat' 
  • EOS LipBalm in scent 'summer fruit'
  • Wet n' Wild eyeshadow palette in 'comfort zone' 
  • Hard Candy nail polish in 'gummy green'
  • finally, Forever 21 "oui" bracelet 
this giveaway is for ANYONE to enter, not just in North America for most of my followers reside over seas. you may ONLY enter if you follow my blog on Google Friend Connect or on Bloglovin' *please don't be sneaky and just enter my giveaway without following my conditions, that defeats the whole purpose of this.*

all items were purchased with my own money. 

if you are under 16, please ask a parent permission, for i will need a home address. i wouldn't want you getting into trouble for having a stranger send a parcel to your door. 

thank-you guys again for all of the constant love and support. you have 3 WEEKS to enter. and i wish you all the best of luck ! 

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  1. Nice giveaway and nice blog! I just followed! I love your post about Zooey Deschanel! She's definitely one of my biggest fashion and style icons!

    1. thank-you very much! i absolutely love zooey deschanel, it must be her quirky personality!
      it's contagious.

  2. Love this giveaway! Will mention it on twitter! xx

  3. Hi there ! Lovely blog, i am glad i found you ! Thank you for giving us the chance to win these gooooodies ! I would die for each and every one of the products you are about to give away, unfortunately, none of these are available in my country ! And yes, you do have followers from over the seas ! Kisses darling, and a lovely sunday !

    Bloglovin: bubble10